What drink in the Russian province

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Russian border with Mongolia,Mukhorshibirsky area .People are not to tequila and absinthe.These drinks they have no money.But without the alcohol , as we know, nowhere , so is the wide range of shops in the local village-booze and no plates to ban the sale or after 22.00 18+.It is true that the debt is not allowed. For over and.Let’s see what kind of drink in the wilderness may indulge in a local.

Toyota Evertest, день 1, Улан-Удэ. Март 2016

We stopped into the first village near the only shop here.With the names of retail outlets in the province is not particularly wise,”Beloved”,”Magnet”,”Petrovich”Food Paradise “.We got a”favorite”.Well,let’s go inside.


Here it is, the most richly laden rack directly opposite the entrance.By the way,who is,in fact,an entire wall ) would be foolish to doubt that he brings to store the lion’s share of the profits .Alcohol for every taste – vodka, beer,wine,champagne,cognac,whiskey even have.


Whiskey , of course , unknown , and it seems to me , to scotch does not have any relationship, but who are concerned about ?By the way, next to the viskar seen Crimean cognac and even champagne next to “New World”,also from the Crimea.Suddenly!

Toyota Evertest, день 1, Улан-Удэ. Март 2016

Let’s see whether there is the Crimean wines ?

There is! Right under the brandy.Crimean Saperavi and Chardonnay.Honestly,never seen in the Crimea such bottles .Well this is the case,but Saperavi Saperavi , even theoretically,do not grow in the Crimea and wine do not make the Georgian method.Apparently,someone decided to make maximum use of the popularity of the Crimean theme and stick “right”label on their swill.

Toyota Evertest, день 1, Улан-Удэ. Март 2016

If someone expensive wine for 250 rubles per bottle , there are cheaper options .The plastic. White 120 per liter or 193 for two. Red cheaper-160 per two liters.But for fans of the classics-port”Three ax”for only $ 100 !

Toyota Evertest, день 1, Улан-Удэ. Март 2016

Since vodka is more or less standard , as everywhere else.I have fun vodka ” Cucumbers ” . Interestingly, it is tastefully decorated pickles or aftertaste is like biting ?In general, life is fun in the outback.Very funny.One and a half years has not been in these places . Nothing changed.

Toyota Evertest, день 1, Улан-Удэ. Март 2016

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