10 bad habits that make people get old faster

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It is impossible to keep youth forever, but you can slow the aging process. It is in your hands. Many bad habits are pushing the human body to age faster. However, at the same time we must not forget that some habits can keep youth long.


1. Passive lifestyle


Remember that exercise activates work of all organs in the body because it improves the circulation of blood and lymph. If you do not train your body, it atrophies and you begin to have health problems. Start doing the exercises in the morning, that will make you feel better both physically and emotionally.

2. Alcoholism


It is proved that a glass of wine helps to slow down the aging process, helps to improve the cardiovascular system due to the content of polyphenols. Nevertheless, the use of large amounts of alcohol has the opposite effect. People who drink a lot of alcohol, tend to look older than it actually is. Alcohol depletes reserves of nutrients, dehydrates the skin, causes the appearance of spots, because it does not provide an adequate supply of blood, not to mention how it affects the liver.

3. Smoking


Cigarettes are addictive and act almost as a weak drug. If you want to look younger, you need to quit smoking. Smoking is associated with all kinds of skin problems, including acne, wrinkles and discoloration. Tobacco use causes skin dehydration. Hair also suffers from the drying effects of carbon monoxide, it loses brightness and become brittle.

4. Lack of sleep


Short or poor night’s sleep can negatively affect the appearance of the skin. Therefore, it is important to sleep at least eight hours a day, to avoid dark circles, sagging skin, blemishes, acne and other skin problems. During sleep, growth hormones stimulate the formation of tissues, which can increase the production of collagen and renewal in all tissues.

5. Fats


Diets with excess oil and fat have a negative impact on health and the skin, which leads to rapid aging. Poor nutrition leads to unhealthy skin mind.

6. Too much sun


Unprotected skin exposed to the sun and can be brown or dry with an increase in wrinkles and sagging. The risk of developing skin cancer increases significantly under the influence of the sun. However, a mild sunburn will help the body get enough vitamin D, which promotes normal bone formation.

7. drugs


Cocaine – a stimulator which causes roughness, dryness, and changes in facial morphology. In addition, you can temporarily lose your appetite and need for sleep, which are factors that accelerate aging. Other negative influence of cocaine – a narrowing of blood vessels, dilated pupils, and increased body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure.

8. Stress


Stress is a part of our everyday life, which leads to the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, the defects of the skin and acne. It also causes wrinkles, hair loss and early graying. Stress also reduces our body’s ability to defend itself against diseases and infections, accelerates the aging of the skin cells and cause wrinkles.

9. Old grudges


Life is too short and precious to hold old grudges. Learn to let go of old things and people to forgive offenses. This can help you live longer and happier.

10. Lack of breakfast


Habit is not in the morning reduces blood sugar levels, which causes insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain. People who think that skipping breakfast, they can lose weight – very wrong. When you skip breakfast, your body will begin to eat their own proteins and collagen. This reduces the elasticity of the skin and causes the appearance of wrinkles, sagging and premature aging.

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