10 films where villains will be remembered longer than the goodies.

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When actor Heath Ledger Joker wore makeup, comics fans fell in love with the treacherous psychopath, easy to play with his enemies, causing them to make the most impossible solutions. The villains have always been popular in the comics, and their film adaptations, being the antipodes of goodies, while not yielding to them in charisma. So it was in versions of Batman, where Jack Nicholson played the Joker perfectly. Jared Leto was the toughest of all the villains, and the most talked-actor in the film “Suicide Squad”, primarily due to the popularity of this evil monster.

Probably, Joker really is the most quirky and maniacal villain in any comic book? However, it is not only such a villain in the film, is based on the comic book. They were there quite a lot. Some of these scoundrels have even superpowers, from which can run shivers down your spine.

1 .                                                                         Doctor Doom

The doctor, also known as Victor von Doom was the sworn enemy of the “Fantastic Four.” His initial hypostasis – a man possessed to rule the world. It’s boring. But what does it do and how he sets about creating his goal, just scary.

2.                                                               Victor Zsaszom

Victor – uncompromising killer. He does not manipulate and do not play mind games, so in that sense it is not as horrible and terrible as the Joker. What can make it worse – it is his total disregard for life. In his mind, he does not kill people, and delivers them from the painful and meaningless life. His main opponent Batman and as Bruce Wayne, he grew up in a wealthy family, seeing that his parents died. Unlike Wayne, his grief leads him to start killing other people. This evil monster scares more than the Joker, and all because he had lost his soul.

3.                                                                      Purple Man                      

Purple people, also known as Kilgrav, was born as a small enemy of Daredevil, before becoming a real psychopath. Its power management in mind.

4.                                                                        Arcade

Amusement parks like clowns. They can impose a smile on many children’s faces at the same time creating a nightmare for many. Arcade looks like a joke, it is similar to the Joker, who likes to play with the minds of people, watching them as they scream in terror, caught in a trap at the theme parks, before they die.

5.                                                              Dark Phoenix

It’s always good when there are female villain. The evil magician tried to control her mind when she was only Jean Grey. Eventually she escaped from him in the movie X-Men, releasing dark genius and its destructive power of the dark. But in the end Jean Grey freed from the power of the Dark Phoenix and committed suicide, thus ending the life of her monstrous alter-ego.

6.                                                                 Magneto

Magneto from the movie “X-Men” reminds us who’s boss and politician. For him, everything is just business, nothing personal. At the beginning of his plans, he did not want to kill their own kind. However, he changed his mind and became easy to destroy anyone who stood in the way of the realization of his monstrous plans. This monster has incredible power and can not be trusted.

7.                                                                      Red Skull

Who could be worse in life than Adolf Hitler? Any man who can scare Hitler himself, that’s who. Red skull this is the anti-hero.

8.                                                                          Kevin

He has no superpowers, he can not even speak, and he was not even a character in this comic. He is a character of the novel. Roman “Sin City.”

 9.                                            The emperor of the “Star Wars”

  Joker tried to manipulate multiple enemies at the same time, the Emperor could manipulate all beings on every planet in every galaxy at once. He has incredible strength. He can win the trust of everyone, until he destroys them both. When the time comes, he can simply tighten the screws and make his subjects live in fear. All this makes it a great strategist.

 10.                                                                    Darkseid

Darkseid is the most dangerous creature of living. Darkseid it represents a triple threat. He has the brains to manipulate and manage people, physical strength, to destroy the “Justice League” or Superman alone. He also wants to rule the universe and has a loyal army of fierce warriors.

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