10 main tourist attractions in Colombia

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One of the most diverse and beautiful places in South America – the country of Colombia. With everything from beaches to mountains and swamps surrounding the rivers and tributaries of the Amazon, Colombia is indeed very diverse country. Tourists often want to go beyond the suggested tours in Colombia and most detailed study of the city and national parks, historical attractions vibrant culture. Let this guide help you find the main tourist attractions in Colombia.


10. Valle de Cocora

Colombian Symbol – wax palm and the Valle de Cocora is the ultimate place where you can see these trees in a stunning environment. Surreal landscape with green jungle, where you can see the enormous height of wax palm trees growing right on the hills of the valley. The very landscape is the main attraction in the city of Valle de Cocora. Popular tourism options here include horseback riding, jeep tours, and six-hour walks.


9. Ciudad Perdida

In Colombia, many more undeveloped jungle and the city of Ciudad Perdida is located right in the middle of the jungle. Also known as the Lost City Theun, Ciudad Perdida is a pre-Columbian settlement, which was built around the VIII century Tayrona Indians. The village was once a thriving center of culture, but today all that remains – this stone terraces round shape, many of which are overgrown with jungle. This popular hiking area.


8. Cano Cristales

Here it is called Caño Cristales, Liquid Rainbow River or five colors – and this is one natural attraction, which is certainly worth seeing. Unfortunately Caño Cristales was closed to tourism since 1989 due to the presence of the revolutionary gang-formations in the area, but some travel agencies have recently started to offer a carefully designed tours. The river is located near the small town of La Macarena National Park of the Serrania de la Macarena. Hiking along the shore of Caño Cristales is an adventure in itself, but travelers can also visit the waterfall Los Kuarzos or swim in the natural pools formed by the river itself.


7. National Park Los Nevados

National Park Los Nevados is located at high altitude at the Domina most incredible volcanic peaks. Snow-covered peaks of Nevado del Ruiz and Nevado del Tolima, in particular, serve as the main attraction.


6. Carnaval de Barranquilla

While most people associate with the carnival of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, in the Colombian city of Barranquilla in fact carried out the world’s second largest Carnival. During Carnaval de Barranquilla, a city flooded with bright participants of the festival, live music and street parades. The holiday begins with La Batalla de Flores, or the Battle of Flowers, where the parade participants, decorated with flowers and colorful designs. Members often wear bright colors and costumes.


5. Las Lajas Sanctuary

To the north of the border with Ecuador, is the church of Las Lajas – one of the most beautiful religious buildings in Colombia. Effectively built on a bridge that spans the river Guaitara, Las Lajas church is similar to the scenery of a fairy tale. Cathedral in the Gothic style, was built in the early 20th century thanks to the financial help of the locals, and is now a small museum located here. To reach the church of Las Lajas easily from the nearby town of Ipiales, where tourists can join the tour at the cathedral.


4. Montserrat

Colombian city of Bogota is the capital of the unique due to its high location in the mountains, so we easily take a trip to the mountain of Montserrat. On top of the mountain of Montserrat views of the city, it is the church of the 17th century, which serves as a Mecca for religious pilgrims in America. One of the best ways to start exploring the Bogotá – a ride on horseback or riding a funicular or cable car to the top of Montserrat.


3. Old city of Cartagena.

Perhaps one of the most popular tourist attractions in Colombia – is the old city of Cartagena. This city was the first Spanish settlement in Colombia, and the old town is full of historical colonial architecture. Old walled city, which is also known as Ciudad Amurallada, boasts several old districts. Of particular importance is the area of ​​Trinidad in Getsemani neighborhood, which is the oldest part of the colonial city and a hub for local eateries.


2. Tayrona National Park

In the northern part of Colombia Tayrona National Park, which borders the Caribbean Sea and offers wonderful beaches and landscapes for visitors. One of the best places in the Tayrona National Park is located in a lagoon called La Pishin, where reefs are converted into protected lagoon pool. While snorkeling in La Pishin can see lobsters, fish and rays, among seaweed and reefs.


1. Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá

Just an hour’s drive north of Bogota is located Zipaquirá, a city known as the capital of the salt miner Colombia. As a result, salt production, Zipaquirá has long been the extreme concentration of wealth. One of the local attractions – a Salt Cathedral in Zipaquirá town, which is built almost entirely of salt. Although it is a major tourist destination, hydrochloric Cathedral actually accommodate about 3,000 worshipers each Sunday, and attending a church service can be an unforgettable experience.

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