11 of the most secluded places in the world

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Do you want to go far away and be alone. Sometimes you just need to go where no one will find, and where no one even knows who you are. There are many places in the world, quite far from the great civilization and not very remote, where a person can feel the nature and enjoy the solitude.


Macquarie Island, Australia

You may think that between Antarctica and New Zealand, there is nothing more than piles of ice, but this tiny island for those travelers who are quite desperate to come here. Only a handful of scientists from Australia, lived here. The island has only recently been discovered and turned into a staging base for tourists, these guided tours to Antarctica.


Easter Island, Chile

Despite the fact that Easter Island is popular because of the giant Moai statues, travel there do not include anything other than Easter Island. In addition to the island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there is nothing around. The closest real civilization is at a distance from the island 2,000 kilometers – is the coast of Chile.


Raoul Island, New Zealand

You might think that New Zealand consists of two large islands, but Raul is a small island, 600 kilometers north of the actual North Island. The island is not for the faint of heart, so there are no permanent residents. Some tourists come here for the beautiful views, but apart from a few scientists, and some endemic birds, there’s no one else.


Tristan da Cunha, United Kingdom

Located away from the UK, this tiny cluster known as the most difficult of the archipelago in the world. At a distance of 1,200 miles from the coast of South Africa, the main island of a few hundred people, who share their homes with birds and penguins.


Bear Island (Bear Island), Norway

Coal mining, fishing, and even whaling – all in the past of the island. Geography life is rough and harsh to the point that there were only abandoned villages. The island was only inhabited one weather station.


Barrow, Alaska

Barrow – the northernmost settlement in the United States and one of the most northerly in the world. Because of the midnight sun, it’s dark most of the year. The island is home to 4,000 inhabitants, but this number has been steadily declining … can you blame them?


Motu, China

One way to secure privacy is no road. Thus, in the case of Motoo, here it is not possible to get on the car. Back in 1993, the highway was built here, but soon the first mudflow swept road. Today pedestrian rope bridge is the only way to get to small settlement.


Warning, Nunavut

The northernmost settlement in the world, Canada has a population of only five people. And it is easy to understand, given that the temperature can reach 40 degrees below zero.


Ittokkorturmiit, Greenland

Despite the large size of the island, but is a mountain covered with eternal glaciers and Arctic tundra. However, about 500 people called the tundra home.


Supai, Arizona

How is this place located in one of the most developed countries of the world got into this list? Being located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, here there is still no roads and the mail is delivered by mule. This place is so secluded that in the United States at the 2000 census only 500 people have called this place home.


Tibetan Plateau.

It is said that the most remote areas of land in the world, located in Tibet. If you carry out a trip by any means, except aircraft, it would take three weeks to reach Lhasa or Korla. Rugged terrain and lack of roads make the journey here is quite extreme.

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