5 questions that should be discussed before you live together with your loved ones

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At a meeting with a young man whose love of the young girl thinks that she is ready to do anything to be with sweet and ride out hard times. Some issues that resemble the whole time her parents, annoyingly itchy “talk to him about, about, this, to discuss this matter or other,” does not at this time go to his head. And for good reason. After all, if you love one another, the habit of living together should be a common habit, not just yours. Therefore, we offer you 5 questions that must be discussed before going live with the beloved.



1. Finance.

This may seem obvious, but many couples begin to avoid such conversations, because it can be uncomfortable. While some awkward situations easily avoided – like, say, not to get drunk at the bar or with friends, the question of finance can be very problematic. It is therefore necessary to discuss openly, but who will make a life together, and how the money will be spent. Does the right of everyone to leave the nest egg itself, and in what amount, so you did not have mutual grievances. This will not only make a smoother transition to the co-management of the economy, but also can give you plenty of time to protect your personal savings in unexpected situations.


2. discuss the schedule.

If one of you has a passion to watch TV at night, and the other “bird” and gets up with the first rays of the sun, it is necessary to discuss also how you are going to co-exist together. That is to rebuild or to each other, or to make comfortable living conditions for each other: one to watch TV at night in the other room, and the other utrechkom quietly get up, protecting his beloved sleep.


3. Friends.

Do you have your apartment or take off, it is also necessary to find out what the situation is now in your life will take a friend each. Do they have the right to come to visit you at any time or by invitation only, whether faithful or missus to go on an outdoor party with friends for a couple of hours, or can return only to the 6 in the morning. The clarification of these issues will help prevent fights and then resentment.


4. hassle.

In fact, enough cute smiling at each other to assure that you do all the household chores in half – it does not always work. In fact, it is best to simply assign responsibilities. Talk about against what works and deeds you do not mind what you can do best. For example, if the guy is unlikely to do better for dinner evenings, and the girl shake vacuuming carpets and blankets.


5. Children.

And of course the question of children – as a fundamental life together. Just need to figure out whether you want children, how much and at what age, then to not be disappointed and not to spoil each other’s lives. Just not to be, that at first he was not ready, and then it turns out that he did not intend to have children in their lives.

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