5 Tips when traveling to Italy

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Travelling to different countries can be mild, but sometimes, if you do not think about anything in advance – not easy at all. The first step that should be done before setting off for an unforgettable holiday – is to take some basic precautions.

If you decide to visit one of the most popular tourist destinations of European holiday, this is Italy. Italy is a country that will win your love and affection in a few seconds, however, there are a few things you should remember before you go to the cherished tourist trip to Italy.


1. Plan your trip to Italy.

One of the mistakes that are often repeated many tourists, it is an attempt to cram in a few days visit to Italy as many destinations they want to visit. Do not do this. A lot of places you plan to visit, as well as a busy schedule will not give you the opportunity to enjoy each attraction in full.

So take your time and discover Italy with pleasure. Take your time and relax. So plan in advance what you want to see and experience.


2. Happy Italian morning.

One of the best things in Italy – this is the morning light. Yes, if you are used to going to bed late and wake up late, respectively, you will miss some of the most beautiful scenery that Italy has to offer.


3. Leave the big city

If you really want to know the real Italy, you have to leave the large and noisy cities in the province. Look at the measured rural life in Italy, inspired with this tranquility like nowhere before. To visit the small villages or towns, cozy – a great opportunity to enjoy quiet moments.


4. Eat where the Italians eat.

Many tourists who have already visited Italy recommend eating where the locals eat and. All elementary simple: the locals know, in any restaurant or cafe cook delicious, fresh and inexpensive food.


5. Buy clothes in Italy.

To a trip to Italy was not only interesting and informative, but also profitable, you can buy there clothes and shoes from brands global fashion houses. The fact that branded clothes in the boutiques in Milan, for example, is 1.5-2 times cheaper than the exact same in our homeland (not the fact that at home will still be the original, rather than Made in China) .

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