6 tips that will make you more desirable than you ever imagined

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Beauty – this ratio. There is nothing worse than a physically beautiful woman who can not support the subject, uncommunicative, or shy at all is a boring person. In this sense, women do not enjoy the beauty, but having its own style and charm, smiling and communicative, can much more like men, and be at the center of public attention. In simple terms, a person is able to dominate the beauty and significantly improves our physical imperfections. You just have to know how to show their inner beauty. Not to mention the make-up and a beautiful dress …


1. smile more


The smile is associated with confidence and femininity, so always try to be cheerful and let everyone see your white teeth. If you are smiling, you send the message to the world. You tell everyone that nothing can defeat you and you are ready to take any challenge. Indeed, there is nothing sexier than a woman smile.

2. To be youreself


Frankness, of course, pushes some people. But, on the other hand, it will make you feel safe and will transmit positive energy. You say what you think, what you feel, what you want … Of course – is the key to the beauty of women.

3. Follow your dream


There is nothing worse than someone who does not know what he wants. Now, a woman who is determined to out to find what she likes, a hundred times more attractive than one that simply stands out due to its physical beauty. If you love to draw, paint. If you want to cook a dish – cook. Do what you like, but with all my heart.

4. Learn to say no


A man who knows what he wants is the most precious person. People who say yes, in the end will not be taken seriously. It is impossible for a man to please everyone in the world. Learn to say no when you really can not do anything. This may disappoint some people, but it will make you stronger.

5. Love yourself more than anyone else


A woman who does not love herself, so can not truly love someone else. Love yourself – this is the key to love in all the rest. If you want to be wanted and loved, you have to be a strong woman. If you are a strong woman, you will be infinitely attractive.

6. Be spontaneous


This is not about crazy things for life. But make a bit of improvisation – it is always attractive, and certainly will attract attention to you. Spontaneity is a balanced reflection of beauty. In general, female beauty is reflected in her personality. To be beautiful – it’s an advantage, but a strong personality is always a great advantage.

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