8 incredible stories of people who have won the lottery

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Win the lottery – a dream of many people. Unfortunately, the chances of this event is so small that you have a better chance of being hit by a passing car on the street or even become president. Despite these astronomical odds, there are some people who really won the big money.


8. Christopher Kälin


In April 2014, Christopher Kälin in Chicago bought a lottery ticket and surprisingly won $ 25,000. Kaelin, who just happened to have bought a lottery ticket, was excited and went out to dinner with his fiancee to celebrate this event. After dinner, he stopped at a gas station and bought one lottery ticket. He rubbed the protective layer, and learned that once again won, this time $ 1,000.

A few days later, Kaelin went to the same store, where he bought the first crossword puzzle, and bought one lottery ticket. He returned to work, erased protective layer and to the surprise again won an additional 25 000 dollars. However, when he said about winning the lottery organizers, it became clear that in fact he had won $ 250 000.

In general, Kaelin won 276,000 dollars on a lottery ticket, which he bought for one week.

7. Derek Ladner


July 11, 2007 Derek Ladner and his wife, Dawn, Cornwall (England), were overjoyed to learn that playing in their usual lottery numbers, they had one of the five winning lottery tickets that have divided the total gain in the 2, 4 million pounds. Next week, Derek had bought another ticket, but it did not win anything. When he reached into his wallet for a lottery ticket, I noticed that there is one more lottery ticket with the date of July 11th. It turns out that Derek had forgotten that he had bought a ticket, and bought a second identical. Surprisingly, the couple actually had two of the five winning tickets, as a result of their combined winnings amounted to 958,284 pounds.

6. Walid Aborumi


Good luck at the Walid Aborumi began in 2004 when he won $ 500 000 playing the lottery ticket. The following year he won another $ 1 million in another lottery. A year later, he won 71,000 dollars in Virginia. In 2007, he won a $ 100 000, putting on the same number.

5. Unnamed people Glendale


In April 2012, a man who preferred to remain anonymous, bought six lottery with the numbers 4, 25, 29, 34 and 43. While he did not win the main prize, the man won the second prize, which meant that all six of his ticket won by $ 1 million.

4. Mary Plexiglass


In September 2006, 86-year-old Mary Vollens from Toronto, Ontario, in a dream dreamed certain numbers. When she woke up, she recorded them. Then she bought a lottery ticket using the numbers, and the next day and bought another ticket with the same numbers.

As you may have guessed, Plexiglas tickets were winners. Even more surprising is the fact that each ticket cost 8 million dollars, which means that she won 16 million dollars.

3. Richard Lustig


By the definition of a lottery – it’s a game of luck and chance. Richard Lustig from Florida did not believe it. He claims to have its own system for winning the lottery, which may seem completely crazy. In particular, he has won a staggering seven times between 1993 and 2010. A total of seven tickets Richard Lustig won over a million dollars.

Richard Lustig even wrote a book called “Uuznayte how to increase your chances of winning the lottery.”

2. Seguro Ndabene


If financial planners think investing in lottery tickets – it is a bad financial plan. However, although common sense says that the lottery – it is not the best investment place Seguro Ndabene, who lives in Airdrie (Alberta), probably not fully soglasens such statements. Seguro Ndabene spend hundreds of dollars every week on lottery tickets, and it paid off. For the first time in 2004, he won a million dollars in provincial lottery. Two years later, he won the $ 100 000. In 2008, he won two more large sums, one worth a million dollars and 50 000 dollars.

Then, in January 2009, Seguro Ndabene won the big jackpot is $ 17 million. Before you issue a winning lottery US commission investigated the circumstances Seguro Ndabene win, because it was his fifth major jackpot in a few years. The matter was considered by the courts, but the commission did not find anything illegal, and Seguro Ndabene was recognized as the sole owner of the ticket. As a result of the court decision, Seguro Ndabene received 17 million dollars, bringing the total amount of their winnings up to 19.15 million dollars.

1. Joan Ginther


Joan Ginther called the happiest woman in the world, and this is not surprising, because she won several million dollars in the lottery by only four tickets. The first time she won in 1993, US $ 5.4 million. Ten years later, she won $ 2 million. Two years later, she won another $ 3 million. Finally, in spring 2008, Ginther won $ 10 million.

You may ask, what are the chances of winning more than $ 20 million in four separate ticket? According to statistics, the probability of such events is one chance out of eighteen septillionov. This figure looks like 18000000000000000000000000 (24 zeros). According to scientists in our universe is only one septillion stars.

In connection with this, some people have suggested that the Ginter, who has a doctorate in statistics from Stanford University, can somehow cheat. But Ginter has never given an interview, so that no one knows why she is “happy.”

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