8 reasons why you definitely need to keep a diary

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Highly productive people and management gurus emphasize the importance of habits keep a diary, write notes that will help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently. From the Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis to Richard Branson and Warren Baffeat, prominent leaders had a habit of keeping a diary.

But why is it so important to write something about your day?


1. Ideas emerge spontaneously.

You can not control when you get different ideas. This can happen at any time, in any situation, anywhere. Ideas arise without any schedule. In addition, they tend to quickly forget. If you have an idea, you should think about it and write it better. Otherwise, you risk to forget about it forever.


2. This gives you an opportunity to reflect.

According to the Harvard Business School, a break from work for 15 minutes, at the end of the day that is spent on it to make entries in his diary can improve your system’s performance and has a positive impact on career and business success. People who keep diaries, feel more confident.


3. Writing structuring your thoughts.

Thoughts and ideas tend to remain in a chaotic manner in the head. This makes them a challenge to rethink and express in words. The trick journaling is that it is not just the act of processing your thoughts. This is the law and the organization of their formation. The process of writing records prevents incoherent words. This will help you begin to express their thoughts in a structured way.


4. You do not have to keep everything in your head.

Even if you have a good memory, do not rely too much on it. Dumbest pencil is better than the strongest memory. Needless to say, you can not remember everything. Write by hand anything: quotes that you remember, notes, fleeting thoughts, business ideas, sketches for an upcoming project, and much more.


5. Notebooks reliable.

Old-fashioned, simple and easy to use notepad to record the information turned out to be the most reliable tool. The things that you once wrote, does not disappear because of a server error or a lack of memory on the hard drive. If you can easily lose your belongings, your notebook will be the safest place to store your ideas and plans.


6. Logging promotes learning.

When it comes to writing the text manually, the brain involved in the learning process. Recent studies have shown that there is a unique link hands with the brain. In addition, for visual perception (65% of the population) is extremely important to portray their plans, ideas and thoughts. It helps to have a clear idea of ​​what is really important and better absorb the information.


7. Where ideas grow.

Ideas do not emerge fully formed. Your laptop is a favorable environment for your creativity and imagination. That’s where your ideas thrive. That’s where a fertile ground for creativity


8. Planning is the key.

Your laptop – it’s not just a place to store your ideas and fleeting thoughts. It is also a web of everyday life. Meanwhile, the plan for the next day is a strong prerequisite for productive work. Blog is a great place to keep your schedule that will make your life much less turbulent and chaotic, but rather a meaningful and organized.

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