Abandoned Olympic venues around the globe

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Often giant sports facilities built for the Olympic Games, stadiums, tracks, swimming pools, etc. Often, however, after the end of the Games, these facilities are not needed and are gradually falling into disrepair and neglected. Today we look at a few sports facilities around the globe, where he once held the Olympic Games, and now they have come to desolation.


Unused bobsleigh track in Sarajevo was built for the Winter Olympic Games in 1984 on Mount trebević, near Sarajevo, September 19, 2013 in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo Most of the Olympic venues of the Winter Games in 1984 in ruins due to neglect after the armed conflict of the 1990s s.


View of the abandoned Olympic Softball Stadium in Athens on June 11, 2012. After playing in the 2004 Olympic Village it has been used as a residence staff housing. Eight years later, many of the sites were abandoned.


at the Olympic Pool View for rowing sports in the Helliniko Complex in Athens, Greece, July 31, 2014


Places for the journalists in the main basin of the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens, August 20, 2014


Remains of the fountain, decorated with Olympic rings and marble block devoted to Olympic medalists in the former Olympic Village on the northern outskirts of Athens, August 2, 2012.


Ballpark Complex Helliniko Olympic in Athens, Greece on 31 July 2014. In connection with the economic weakness in Greece after the Olympics, there was no further investment and the majority of the newly built stadium is now empty.


Olympic Stadium in the foreground in Atlanta. Stadium, existed from 1966 to 1996 and had to make way for a parking lot.


Stadium 1996 Olympics August 20, 2011 in Atlanta.


The tower in the Olympic Park Lake Lanier Olympic Games 1996 during a repair in Gainesville, GA, July 19, 2016 This is an artificial lake still has its rowing facilities, which have been used for major events in the past two decades.


Tennis courts at the Tennis Center Stone Mountain Summer Olympic Games 1996 in Stone Mountain, GA, July 19, 2016.


Location for the competitions in beach volleyball Olympic Games 2008 desert in downtown Beijing. 2 April 2012.


Desert location for kayaking competitions on the Olympic Games in 2008 on the outskirts of Beijing, 27 March 2012.


Nini, on the left, and Yining – right, two of the five mascots of the Beijing Olympics 2008, are among the trees behind the derelict not completed shopping center in Beijing.


Deserted pool that was used during the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.


Deserted house for athletes in the former Olympic village near the Berlin 1936 Olympic Games.


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