The most amazing staircase world

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Combine sightseeing with exercise help high ladder. The US online publication Huffington Post has made a selection of the most interesting stairs in the world.


Rajasthan, India


One of the many wonders of India are stepped wells, the steep steps which women go down to fetch water. Especially noteworthy are the facilities in the state of Rajasthan.


Well Chand Baori was built more than a thousand years ago, before the temple of the goddess of happiness Harshat Mata. Its depth can be compared with the thirteen-building. Now the water is not suitable for drinking – the pilgrims wash there hands and feet.


The trail Haiku, Hawaii


Haiku Trail on Oahu is more commonly known as the stairway to heaven. The route was laid in 1942 for laying communication cable, which was necessary to the military. Since 1987, it is closed to visitors, but tourists still go for it, despite the presence of security. Authorities are considering the transformation of the famous trails in the attraction. A metal staircase has steps 3922 and is considered one of the most scenic roads in the world.


Tiger and Turtle, Germany


The park landscape sculptures Angerpark in Duisburg is the installation titled “Tiger and Turtle.” It resembles a “roller coaster”, but the people on it are moved on foot. Visitors can stroll along the 249 steps of the installation, with the top of the views of not only the whole of Duisburg, but also on the part of the neighboring Düsseldorf.


Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Giant Hindu temple of Angkor Wat is interesting not only for its grandeur and beauty, but also its stepping stones. They are so steep that many pilgrims and tourists have to cling to them with his hands.



Tianmen, China


Cave in Mount Tianmen called “gate of heaven.” To reach them, you need to overcome 999 degrees. At the top is a glass path along which the walk is breathtaking abruptly “roller coaster.” This place has become a prototype for the planet Pandora from the movie “Avatar.”


San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, Spain


The Bay of Biscay is the island of San Juan. In order to get on top of it, you have to go through 237 degrees. There is little church, built in the X century in honor of John the Baptist. It is believed that every visitor here should ring the bell three times and make a wish.


Montagne de Bueren, Belgo


The Belgian city of Liege whole street Montagne de Bueren is a ladder. It was built in 1880 to the soldiers on the hill of the garrison were in no juices get into the city center. The staircase has exactly 400 degrees.


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