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Do you know the best adventure travel movies? We introduce some adventure travel movies that inspire to travel. And the film, along with books, has that magic of making your imagination fly, one of the most precious assets that human beings have and without which we do not think we could live in this imperfect world. This is a list of Movies Counter that inspired me to travel.


In the Everest J
Sean Penn on Krakauer’s book, Mal del Altura, where he narrates in first person (the American journalist was one of the survivors of the 1996 disaster) the facts as he remembers them and other people he interviewed. The magnetic force that Everest can exert on the heart and the souls of men is tremendous. Raised coldly, these are people who pay a fortune to suffer – or even die – to reach 8,848 meters above the peak and be there a few minutes before having to go down because they cannot take it anymore. The mountaineer wills analysis their courage and tranquility at the same time as they are required to defeat different problem to survive, in a difficult fight against the unleashed passion of the elements. But it still creates a center of attention for mountaineers and dreamers, claiming the lives of one in four who manages to defeat him. This film is motivated through factual events.

The secret life of Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) take apart in the photographic negative department of Life, a renowned publication. His day to day life is dull and unexciting except, thanks to his immense thoughts, he travels endlessly to fantasy places far from the routine reality. The only one that cheers up her daily routine is Cheryl (Kristen Wiig, My Best Friend’s Wedding), a woman who has recently started working in the office.

The magazine, which will stop being printed to become an online medium, is preparing its latest issue, while layoffs become commonplace. The liability for the photograph that determination to go on the concluding cover waterfall on Walter, who does not discover the depressing that the famous photographer Sean O’Connell (Sean Penn, Mystic River) has sent him via mail. His dream dreams become reality when he decides to travel far in search of Sean, to ask him where the lost frame is. The editor gathers more than a few evidence regarding the location of the globetrotting photographer gratitude to Cheryl’s assist. Walter resolves and exist a sole experience that will absorb great sports and never-ending walks, however all this attempt help to shut Life in the enormous method it deserves. The own Ben Stiller directs this adaptation of the film of Norman Z. McLeod, released in 1947, in turn, based on a story by James Thurber. The remake was written by Steve Conrad (In search of happiness) includes some topics such as the materialization of dreams, escapism through fantasy or self-affirmation.

Life of Pi, Ang Lee

‘Life of Pi’ starts with a series of plans in a zoo; the camera stops to observe the animals while the credits are happening, inviting the spectator to notice the wonderful creatures that inhabit this (abused) planet, a gesture that is quite a declaration of intentions. Pi (Irrfan Khan) has received the visit of a writer in crisis (Rafe Spall), interested in hearing the extraordinary story of how Pi crossed the Pacific Ocean. Through flashbacks we discover the origin of the protagonist’s name (Piscine), his unique relationship with faith and different gods (he pretends to be Hindu, Christian, and Muslim at the same time), his father’s efforts to distance him from religion, the girl from whom falls in love after an exotic dance and how the family must travel to America to sell the zoo animals, which they can no longer support. You can almost feel the rain and the wind, the experience, the emotion of the moment, pierces the screen. The image of Pi submerged in the water, watching the sinking of that immense tomb, bristles of the skin. The boy has dodged the disaster but he has lost everything, he is alone in the middle of the ocean. Well, it is only in a certain sense. Pi – interpreted in this phase of his life by debutant Suraj Sharma (chosen by Lee among three thousand candidates) – shares a boat with four animals from the zoo, which is short time is reduced to one, a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. To have any chance of survival, the young man must find a way to tame the beast, and feed them both. As the days go by, Pi discovers that she needs more than courage, skill, water, and food to keep going, she needs to have faith, to trust that “someone” up their watches over her and will help her when she is most desperate when everything looks lost

Into the Wild (Towards Wild Routes)

Christopher McCandless, 22, has just graduated from college and has a promising future, however, he does not want that life, what he really wants is to feel free. For this, he decides to leave society, to leave aside the comfortable life and without fear of what awaits him, to take the road to nowhere. From the wheat fields of Dakota to the tumultuous seas of Colorado, passing through the hippy communities of California, Christopher goes to meet very colorful characters. Everyone, in their own way, will work on their vision of life. At the end of his trip, Christopher will reach his ultimate goal, venturing alone in the wild expanses of Alaska to live in total communion with nature and finally find the happiness he craved.

Motorcycle Diaries

Alberto Granado and his friend Ernesto Guevara leave Buenos Aires to discover South America. The plan is to cross more than 8000 kilometers in 4 months with the only vehicle to transport a motorcycle, baptized the powerful one. They see the diversity of the landscape of the continent, but also the cultural roots that are the same for the countries. Travelers meet the people of Peru, Chile, Venezuela, what I joined and what separates it. They also work as volunteers in a leprosy hospice and establish exciting relationships with the sick. Motorcycle diaries narrate more than a trip, it deals with the change of two very different characters that are confronted for the first time with the social injustices that there were in South America. This is how a very emblematic character of the revolution in Cuba and in Bolivia developed. This is a story about friendship, adventure, and an alarming social reality. Moviescouch presents more free films online for download.

The beach 2000

This is a story about a big young Leo Di Caprio backpacker that finding the so-called earthly paradise on an island in Thailand. The film was a great worldwide phenomenon because the theme is something that almost all the travelers in our life have dreamed of: finding that little piece of hidden land, where life is wonderful and the enviable natural environment. What happens is that, as in life itself, everything that glitters is not gold, and things begin to twist until they end in disaster. If you are in Thailand and someone passes you a map that leads to a special beach where a happy commune lives Do not true.

Hard to be a god

If you do not know before watching the movie that the temporal issue is present in the plot, you may not even know. What we see in how difficult it is to be a God is medieval Russia, but the main point of view is that of a god-traveler of time, the protagonist who comes from the future. Thus, with that mental distance, a production so alienated, so depraved, and is justified. This unpublished work for decades of Aleksei German has, by the way, terrible history of censorship behind. It seems that the Soviet Central Committee was not convinced by this neo-medieval carnival about the delay of Russia.

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