Bike , which accelerates to 30 km / h for three presses on the pedal

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Nowadays,everything evolves,even the most seemingly,all the usual things. A group of enthusiastic engineers, ignoring the opinion that ” it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel”, has created a futuristic model to accelerate to maximum speed can be literally for three seconds.


Italians are known worldwide for its pasta and bullfights , and now declared themselves as creators and innovative bicycle.Developers from TRED design studios presented their new invention BestiaNera Hybrid Bike-a bike that has a superb aggressive and sporty design and stunning performance sled .


One of the major advantages BestiaNera Hybrid Bike is the fact that the bike is almost entirely made ​​of carbon fiber.Using this synthetic composite body allowed give incredible strength and at the same time provide a low weight structure-only 9.8 kg.


BestiaNera-hybrid in the best traditions. The key is that the bicycle can be driven as a human muscle power and an electric motor. It feeds the electric motor from the lithium-ion battery. Cycling also uses regenerative braking system to allow return of the traction motor with the energy of his work as a generator. All this makes the trip to BestiaNera Hybrid Bike in Awesome adventure. The manufacturer promises that all three presses on the pedal will achieve the speed of 30 km / h. However, it will be possible only by using the electric motor.


When you first look at the bike a natural question arises : where are such large-scale things like the engine and the battery ? Strictly speaking,the motor bike in just two,and they, along with the battery,”hidden”in lenticular rear wheel drive. Worry about the electronics is not necessary,because the disk enclosure protects it from water,moisture, dust and mechanical damage.


The design of the bike has been used an innovative system of Anti-Vibration System, which, combined with a convenient adjust the seats makes cycling more comfortable. It is dynamically combined with existing hydraulic brake system that allows vehicles to stop in an instant.


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