The black mailbox in a mysterious meeting place for UFO hunters

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On a deserted stretch of road between the Alamo and Rachel, Nevada (USA), known as the “Extraterrestrial Highway”, there are two mysterious mailboxes, with a lot of graffiti by visitors. On boxes there are the names of two destinations: on the mailbox that is more, it is written, “who – Steve Medlin” on the black box that is less, there is a simple inscription: “aliens”. Unfortunately, the black mailbox permanently closed.


In January 2015, the black box has been stolen. Due to constant vandalism he constantly comes into disrepair.


Known as the black box, the insulated container, probably would not have attracted any attention, if not for its proximity to the nearby places of permanent UFO flight, the well-known “Area 51”.


Place the mailbox has become a popular meeting place for people obsessed with aliens since enthusiast Bob Lazar said that “51 zone”, he had seen a UFO regular flights. Some began to come here just to look at your ordinary mailbox, others were placed beside him for a few days, hoping to see the aliens.


Despite false reports of lights in the sky and other similar contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations, the owner of the mailbox, a farmer Steve Medlin, does not believe in the existence of aliens in these places. Mailbox (the one white), made of thick, bullet-proof metal with massive locks. These measures were taken on how alien fanatics began to steal the mail box and even riddled by shots from a pistol.


Slightly smaller box, marked “aliens” was delivered after the farmer tired of receiving messages directed visitors from outer space. Enthusiasts aliens, making a pilgrimage to the site of frequent UFO sightings, often put notes in the mailbox window.

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