Boiling Lake Dominica

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The National Park Morne Trois Pitons National Park in the island nation of Dominica in the Caribbean Sea, is an area with considerable volcanic activity. Within the boundaries of the park, which occupies nearly 7,000 hectares, is located five volcanoes, dozens of hot springs and a very large and well-known boiling lake.


Dominica’s Boiling Lake is actually a flooded fumarole that is opening or hole in the earth’s crust. It is filled with bubbling greyish-blue water at a temperature of about 90 ° C. Water is heated by hot steam and gases from the molten lava that lies at the bottom of the lake ozera.Poverhnost usually shrouded in a cloud of steam. Lake is about 76 meters across, making it the second largest lake in the world hot after Lake Frying Pan in Waimangu Valley near Rotorua, New Zealand.


The lake was discovered in 1875 by two English gentlemen, who at that vremyarabotali in Dominica. Later that same year, the government was asked to investigate this natural phenomenon. Scientists have measured the temperature of the water and found it in the range of 82-92 ° C at the edges, but were unable to measure the temperature in the center of the lake, where the water is actively boiling. According to their estimates, the lake was about 60 meters deep or more.


The lake is fed by rainfall of two small streams. The water then percolates down to the lava and heated to boiling. The water level in the lake is constantly changing and lake activity also reduces time to time. The lake has almost disappeared after the phreatic eruption, which occurred nearby in 1880, and formed a fountain of hot water and steam. The lake level has fluctuated sharply in 2004-2005. when the level fell by 10 meters, and then recovered in a single day.


Today, the lake is a popular tourist destination. before visiting tourists get useful travel tips on how to behave near the lake, so as not to scalding.

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