Buy a model of eco-leather covers for cars in Kiev

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At the time of buying a car often pay attention to the car seat. From the convenience of their overall health depends on the driver during the trip. However, if the movement does not have the means of soft, comfortable seats samples, the company will provide AutoMaxi model of eco-leather covers in Ukraine of different species, which differ in better performance and fit any taste preferences customer.


Features car accessories

Sale model covers cars are products of the best brands and selected under each brand machines separately. Available there are black, blue, brown, beige, gray, red and many other colors. You can pick up the plain, patterned plaid or striped patterns. There are also versions with color variation inserts.

Among the materials, except for eco-leather, dominated Jacquard, Pineapple Light, polyester velor, many options are duplicated on the grid quality foam coating. To choose and buy the model avtochehly for cars in Kiev is now much easier, as the shape, size, including height and width of the back seats may vary depending on the customer requirements.

Some products are equipped with hook fastening and have convenient pockets on the back of the dorsal support for a variety of small items. Despite the versatility, good comfort, the presence of additional positive qualities of copies, the price is quite adequate and accessible.


Options allows you to subdivide the products in the manufacture of covers for:

– Front and rear seats, which can be bought easily in the company. They completely cover the seat, making it soft and comfortable fabric thus do not retain moisture in the case of accidental spillage, but quickly absorb it, without causing discomfort until they wash;

– The head restraints, which the material is durable and long-term use. Online Shop offers such accessories in many variations.

Samples have orthopedic characteristics, so do not provoke unimportant state of health or problems with the spine. The grounds at the same time not subside, the back is not shaken and the overall design of a cover is not deformed.


Ukraine – it is the country where the product realization is possible in many localities. On its territory are favorable coupon system, exciting action and prompt delivery without damaging the goods. These and other similar benefits received by inhabitants of cities such as Odessa, Chernihiv, Poltava, Vinnitsa, Kiev, and so on. D.

Consumers in the event of an unclear point when buying can ask any questions accompanying a professional enterprise consultants. Employees willing to advise customers and help to select items under the brand of car. A wide range of quality products and to guarantee their operation posodeystvuyut choice in favor of the company’s products AutoMaxi.

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