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As is known, coffee in Ethiopia, beer from the Czech Republic, Japan sushi and oil to Russia. National pride, the basis of the budget and the most respected product. A special way of cooking, the famous coffee ceremony, all things … Here are just traveling through Ethiopia, coffee, almost never ordered. Why is that? It was just terrible. You
do not want to pick up some amoebas or worse, someone pain I was drinking coffee in front of me.
Why? Who will tell


The coffee ceremony in Ethiopia is very nice and is definitely worth a try to see and cooked in the Ethiopian coffee.
But do better in a decent restaurant. When the dishes after washing coffee … ok.
Just avoid.


The fact that a simplified coffee ceremony and to put it simply, brew coffee, is making almost every corner: in every market, in every edalni, cafe or even on the roadside. All is well, that alone is worth a closer look at the basin, standing near the “barista” look. In these basins, generally water of different degrees of opacity. In her after cup spolosnet girl and put it on the tray next to the other “clean” glasses. That is, you know, yes, that cup is very conditional washed and if any of them saw someone … is not very healthy, so to speak, is likely to pick up something exotic.


There is another point.
I have said that the water in this country is quite a big problem in many settlements, including cities, water is taken into a nearby river, or just a pool. Winning in cans and bring home. Because you do not know that all the water in the container, wash the cups, and what things can be in your digestive tract.
These are the things ceremony street cafe in Ethiopia . Be careful!
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