Catalonia: Montgrí Castle

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Castle Castell del Montgrí graced the top of the mountain Montgrí at the end of the XIII century, in those days the king of Aragon Jaime II was greatly concerned that the Earl Ampuriysky Ponce V does not recognize the royal power in the lands belonging to it (the current county Baix Empordà and Alt Empordà Province Girona). To monitor the ability to move troops Ponce V as directed by the king of his military planners have found a place with a perfect overview of where in 1294 began to build a fortress. Typically, such structures for a long time building and then continuously improve over the centuries, from the fortress Montgrí in this respect – an unusual fate: almost builder figured out with walls, towers, moat and took up the interior, obstinate Count Ampuriysky lost to the king, and the work on the castle slowed down as it turned out, forever.


The foundation of the fortress – a square with an edge of 31 meters, the height of the walls – 13 meters. In each of the four corners of the structure of the tower is located a cylindrical shape.
The semicircular arch, looking at south, it tells where it was the main entrance to the fortress.




Despite the fact that in terms of architecture castle offers more revelations to the Costa Brava – is a symbolic place. Firstly, Mount Montgrí, though not serious different height (only 315 meters above sea level), is a beautiful spherical shape, which is combined with a neat point at the top – a fortress attracts attention from afar and produces a variety of associations.



Secondly, we must remember that the place was chosen for the construction of a perfect review, and now here – the best observation coastal area: look extends to a hundred kilometers.



To see the castle, will have to make a slight rise – a simple route from the center Torroeyya de Montgrí (Torroella de Montgrí) to the top of the mountain, which is the main attraction of this pueblo, it will take 40-50 minutes.



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