Church of the Annunciation, or Troglodyte, carved into the rock

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Island Hot Isle has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and all this time the residents lived in caves. Until the 19th century, most people in this rare trogloditovom (ie cave-dwelling) village lived in the houses, which they called “Beauvais”. These houses have been carved into the chalk cliffs that rise above the valley of the Seine.


Thus, when the city became an independent parish in 1670, not long people were thinking, how to build a parish church.


Construction, or rather work on the Church of the Annunciation gouging funded some Dondzhoysem Nicolas, local head man and bureaucrats, who played an important role in improving the status of Hot Ayla. Construction zZakonchilos in 1673, and the church had a main body of about 20 meters long and 20 meters wide, with a vaulted ceiling of about 8 meters high, four windows and a small tower, built on the cliff top.


The church is richly decorated interior contains detailed, carved wooden surface (separation of the nave and choir) and the altar, which are amazingly beautiful. Constructed in the late 17th century, the lovingly decorated wooden panels were originally intended for the Palace of Justice in Rouen. The interior also has a medallion above the altar.


Due to the significant deterioration, the Annunciation Church had to close in 1999. Thanks to considerable efforts to restore it once again used as a parish church and today.


The original cave house on the island can still be seen today, but almost none of them are not used as living quarters. People on the island and began to build and settle in ordinary homes, and is now at home in the old Beauvais mainly used under sheds or garages. Many of them are simply thrown.


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