Colorful chicken bus in Guatemala

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Chicken bus in Guatemala – it is usually brightly colored in a rainbow of colors, psychedelic patterns buses, converted from the traditional American school buses. These buses have little to do with their original counterparts of yellow color, which transport the children to school in North America.


1. No trip to Guatemala would not be complete without a trip to one of these colorful chicken buses. They are harmoniously combined with colorful traditional clothing Guatemalans. And the interior of buses, no less colorful than their design outside. Posters with photos of fighters or revolutionaries Che Guevara can decorate inside the bus. Also, these buses are traditionally decorated with sparkling garlands and tassels. Loud music in Spanish adds to the unique atmosphere.


2. There are several reasons why these transports are called chicken bus. Maybe because the passengers crammed into buses and clogged, recalling how the chickens are transported in cages on the trucks on the market. Another reason for this name is that passengers are often coupled with a carry buses chickens and other domestic animals.


3. These buses are considered in Guatemala safe mode of transportation. Sami buses were originally intended for the carriage of schoolchildren in the United States, where children’s safety is a priority. Drivers chicken bus in Guatemala is quite cleverly lead them on the mountain winding roads, often overtaking each other on dangerous bends.


4. Since the buses were made for short-haul traffic, passengers can go there quickly to get tired after a while. Since the bus companies have reduced the distance between the seats, leg room is very small and tall passengers will go doubly inconvenient.


5. Chicken buses are not designed for people traveling on a clear timetable. Timetables are sometimes absent, buses can go on a voyage, when they filled with passengers or whenever the driver himself wants to leave. Unscheduled stop on the way here – a common occurrence. The bus can stop anywhere at the request of passengers, or to pick up fellow travelers on the road.


6. A trip to the chicken bus in Guatemala is not expensive, and they are the most affordable transport for the common people.


7. Chicken buses travel throughout Guatemala and other Central American countries, including El Salvador, Panama and Honduras.




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