Dangerous “forbidden fruit.”

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How can the desire and attractive “forbidden fruit.” Perhaps this question is obvious to most people who believe. But British designer Kyle Bean decided to materialize the “forbidden fruit” in a bit ominous and unmistakable mischievous tone, as a series of dangerous products, which are armed for self-defense quite unusual metal objects. Let’s see…



For the latest issue of “Gourmet” magazine, in collaboration with photographer Aaron Tilley, designer Kyle Bean composed and visualized five delicious foods that can “stand up for themselves.” He armed the garden fruits and berries in the literal sense of the word. For example here filler juicy apple bristling with all sorts of blades of knives, the legendary Swiss Army knife.


From smooth skin pears stick out in all directions prickly pins. Often the word “forbidden fruit” in humans is associated with a slightly different area of human relations. It is for these readers would be interested to visit the store for adults Moscow . What kind of toys here just do not have …


Sharp saw blades cut large and ripe watermelon.


Banana barricaded behind barbed wire.


Fire flame covers around the perimeter of a grapefruit. Every product that can be safely called a tasty fruit, embodies a passionate and dramatic style, while it was invented by designer and image protection, trying to hide from prying secrets about the “dark side” of fruit.


Kyle Bean illustrator, art director and creator of unusual installations, carriers, says the designer himself, “conceptual thinking”. It creates a playful, creative work for various clients, editorial and commercial projects, as well as installations for fashion brands and magazines. Kyle’s work is usually characterized by bizarre and thorough reappropriation of everyday materials and manual techniques.

Although Kyle enjoys working with small projects, he regularly collaborates with various photographers and directors for magazines and newspapers.

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