The most dangerous sports in the world.

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Sport, oddly enough, is not only useful, but also a dangerous occupation. Any professional athlete may be a whole evening just to enumerate the number of injuries sustained them in the arena, the ring or the football field. Body Work wear is fraught with torn ligaments, broken legs and other “pleasures”. Participants extreme disciplines can tell and more: here at stake and personal life. Before you – some of the most dangerous sports in the world, which can only deal with a real adrenaline junkie.


Motorcycle Racing.

Each participant highway-ring motorcycle races risking his life not only in competitions, but also during training. High-speed, sharp turns and the audacity to make a race on a motorcycle in the real attraction of death. Only the famous TT circuit of Man Island, which is more like a serpentine, during the lifetime claimed the lives of 246-year-riders.



Not only dangerous, but also quite an expensive sport. Riders pay good money for a trip by helicopter to the top of the mountains, the slopes of which are covered by anyone else untouched snow. There are no trails, lifeguards and medical service: a jump from a helicopter on the virgin snow, is dangerous in itself.


Stritlaging (Stritlaging)

This sport invented lazy and totally crazy skaters California: lying on skateboards, they walked down the steep slopes, gaining a crazy speed. Only 1200 active drivers exist in the world, the number of which, as one would expect, it has been steadily declining.


Surfing on the big wave

Killer waves, sometimes up to ten meters in height, is able to scare anyone, just not professional surfers. These men romp all over the world all year round, trying to ride on a very steep and a big wave. The bad season killed 30 surfers: they sink, smash their heads against the rocks and just disappear.



Forget about the external component of this beautiful sport, honed movements of the participating teams and coordinated work of the whole group. This is achieved not only after but also blood. Representatives of the US professional organization Cheerleading argue that a year on 20 000 injured athletes. The most common fractures of the spine and legs, a concussion and a bruised lung.


Running of the Bulls

What could be better than a morning run in the company of a couple of dozen angry bulls? City Pamplona (Spain) every year becomes a mecca for all lovers of thrills at the expense of wild bulls. On the day of the festival on the narrow streets of Pamplona release a flock of angry young bulls. Despite the fact that killed at least 30 people each Running of the Bulls a result, the number who want to try force, endurance, speed is not reduced.


Keyvdayving (Keyvdayving)

Keyvdayving originally was not a sports discipline. Researchers diving into caves filled with water, to obtain the necessary information. Enthusiasts-divers descend into the underwater world just for the sake of art. The slightest mistake can cost the life of a diver. The situation is aggravated by the prevailing darkness of under water – the fault lamp is equivalent to a death sentence. In the world for the year killed more than 700 divers.


BASE jumping

BASE jumping is an extreme sport – but in fact, it is a real suicide attempt with insurance. Jumpers throw themselves into the abyss with high-rise buildings, monuments, and other places.


High-altitude mountaineering

According to statistics, Everest takes every seventh daredevil, risked a long and difficult climb. On the way to the top, the climbers are often faced with the less fortunate members of the previous groups: hypoxia, hypothermia, frostbite and pneumonia. The slightest tension climber may cost lives. Only on Everest for the year killed more than 200 people.



No, it’s not a joke. This meditative, measured game takes the lives of up to 900 people each year. Interestingly, most of the people killed by lightning in the world – golfers who do not want to interrupt the match during a storm and do not realize that a metal stick in their hands – beautiful lightning rod. The second most common cause of death golfers – hit the ball in the head. Survivors waiting for a heart attack: a few hours under the scorching sun, and healthy man can go to heaven.

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