Defending Jacob Series Review

Defending Jacob is a mysterious crime drama series. The script of this thriller is based on a novel by William Landay. It tells the story of Andy Barber. He is an assistant district attorney for more than 20 years and lives a happy life with his wife Laurie and their son Jacob. But their smooth life is shaken by a stabbing. To Andy’s amazement, his fourteen-year-old son is suspected of the murder. Andy does everything he can to protect his son, but when incriminating facts emerge, his marriage threatens to fall apart. Watch Defending Jacob flixtor  series free of cast.


This is a well-scripted and well-directed series. It has a great cast. All the performers like Evans and Dockery, the young Martell, and supporting actors, everyone gives a strong and consistent performance throughout the series.


What I can tell you after watching this series is that it has enough twists that are required to keep us interested in it. The mystery behind the murder remains until the final episodes, which is quite nice. Whether that feeling is positive or negative because of what he tells us about the characters is another story but, without a doubt, it is shocking and beautifully done series. Overall for me, it is a good entertainment tv series hope you’ll also enjoy watching this.

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