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UAE – is one of the most unusual and influential countries not only to the Persian Gulf, but also the entire Middle East. This state consists of seven emirates of the Federal Republic, each of which is an absolute Arab monarchy.

Despite the fact that the UAE can boast the highest level of life, the huge incomes and high levels of technological progress, the country continues to live on a fairly rigid religious Sharia law. Following these laws formed the Emirates interesting alloy which is closely intertwined religion and new technologies, urbanism and the nomadic way of life, traditional Arabian art, lifestyle and western trends, as well as many other paradoxical phenomena.


All this, together with the favorable climate for the rest of the sea and some great coastal resorts with excellent examples of modern architecture in the UAE attracts tourists from all over the world, and in particular, and Kazakhstan. For the rest of the Kazakhs in this state looks particularly attractive, given its proximity and ease visa.


Visa application

When you register for the Kazakh visa in this Arab state, the same visa regulations as for the citizens of Russia and some other CIS countries.

The first thing to note – the ease of opening of the visa document. Emirati sheikhs made a wise decision when they decided to get rid of the bureaucracy and bring the whole system into the electronic workflow. With this solution for a visa, you can apply and pay online at a special website. Their consideration will occur within 3 days, after which the applicant will receive a message about a positive decision or refusal of extradition. The cost of registration will be $ 100 with an adult or a minor, having a passport.


A positive decision is taken more often, but if all the necessary requirements have been met at registration and filing of documents.
1. Guidelines for submission of documents are as follows:
2. All documents must be submitted in electronic form, and the scans should be as high quality;
3. as the Emirates live under Sharia law, the childless single woman of 30 years may refuse to issue a visa;
4. regular tourist visa is issued for up to 30 days of stay;
5. the list of documents must include the hotel booking in the UAE, made by the applicant or the travel company organizing his vacation;
6. before serving to remember that Saturday and Friday, as well as all Muslim holidays are official holidays for Emirates, and therefore consideration of the documents may be delayed.

The visa is issued for the child only if he has already received his passport. In that case, if the child is entered in a parent’s passport, the visa will be free for him. If he plans to visit the country with one of the parents, the number of documents need to be properly executed and notarized power of attorney.


Shopping mania

UAE – a country of shopaholics, no matter how funny it may sound. A favorite pastime of wealthy Arabs inhabiting the Emirates are endless walks through the huge shopping mall, which exceed all US and European counterparts in size. Within these shopping centers are represented world-famous brands of clothes, shoes, electronics, home appliances, automotive and gastronomy.


Local Attractions

Key local attractions are masterpieces of modern world architecture, which are concentrated in the new cities on the coasts. These cities grew just 2 decades of economic recovery and growth in the uninhabited and uninhabitable desert. Type of artificial islands with great hotels and gleaming skyscrapers of glass from glass and concrete, which sparkle in the background of the desert and the eternal blue of the sea, able to delight not only urbanist, but also any other person.


Relations with local residents

Arabs welcomes all guests of the region, but only if guests take the rules of behavior in the Arab society. Visiting this country, the girls need to refrain from walking on a public beach in bathing suits cause, and men not allowed to drink alcohol or to appear in public in a drunken state under penalty of imprisonment and a large fine. Also in the streets of all without exception cities UAE non-smoking cigarettes.

These rules are quite harsh, but it is necessary to understand that the hotel they are significantly mitigated or only partially complied with. Therefore, tourists who want to visit the United Arab Emirates can be sure that their partner will not be boring and unpleasant.

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