Features of repair of the car body

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Good motorist always strives to maintain a sane type of your car. However, it so happens that during use damage appear on the body. The reasons for this outcome are many, but the result is a body repair service station. What are the types of injuries and how to resolve them?


Corrosion body


Corrosion processes is subject to any metallic element, which remains without the necessary protection. They protect the body against corrosion layers of soil and paint, because any damage to such coatings is a risk to the vehicle . There are 2 types of restoration work: local repair and full.

To carry out full restoration work itself is hard enough, because usually people go to the car wash or deteyling center. Such repairs are associated with the adjustment of the geometry of the body elements. This process is quite complicated, requires special tools and professional experience. There are also welding.

Restoring paint layer


If local repair is estimated the following points: the depth of damage to the coating, the degree of deformation or corrosion of the structure. Do not forget to first remove or secure before painting accessories Mercedes such as handles, door sills, moldings, etc. The parts that can not be painting.

In depth, damage to paint layer secrete several levels: the ground is not visually evident, the ground can be seen significant damage to the metal. Minor flaws are eliminated conventional polishing. To this end, experts use special paste for polishing. Exposed soil can cover up a special pencil, but this damage likely visual differences in thickness. Then the required spray enamel via aerosols.


Preparation of the surface of a body under the new painting will require alignment edges and chips in the area of damage. This process is used sandpaper. Granularity of such paper should be reduced as it approaches the final stage of the process. After careful preparation and processing of body paint work begins. This should be done quickly, because the bare metal must be protected from moisture.

Restoration work at a strain


Damage to the body can be divided into the following types: shallow dents, significant deformation and full of gaps of metal structures. For this type of work requires special tools for straightening the body. structural adjustment strong heating and quenching are also widely used. When rupture of metal elements required welding work or replacement of the damaged area.

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