How to get rid of the stains once and for all? Tips from AM Coatings

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The annoying spot can easily spoil not only expensive thing, but also the mood. Sometimes it seems that once put on something new (or favorite) – as there is necessarily attracted spot. And this has, corrosive, stubborn … What to do? Infinitely throw away clothes, shoes, furniture, stain got on that? And here and there! In fact, quality stuff can last a very long time – literally for years, if you know the simple rules of care and understand how to quickly eliminate defects. On spoiled things (and unnecessary expenditure for the purchase of new ones), you can forget, if you follow the simple guidelines.


Stains on clothing: what to do?

No matter how careful you are, you can never guarantee that someone (or something) you do not accidentally spoil a thing. Very often with the situation faced by mothers: children – are very active, so the day you have to change a lot of clothes. And if you get on the clothes, even a drop of vegetable or fruit puree – a thing sometimes to be except that the release. This is not only very disappointing, but also an effort on the wallet – things now are very expensive. There is an exit! Deal with things special means Aquaprotech Textile: thanks to the water-repelling property, the thing becomes virtually invulnerable to dirt. If you still got dirt on your clothes or put spot – would be enough to wipe it with a dry cloth. And no trace of the former dirt!

Protect furniture from stains


It is especially difficult to remove stains from furniture – especially when it comes to, for example, a leather sofa. Firstly, not every cleaner can be used for the skin – and they are not always effective. Second – contact every once in dry cleaning – not a cheap pleasure. In addition, the funds are used in the dry cleaning can damage the delicate material. In this case, the most important thing – time to remove even the smallest dirt. And if there were cracks on furniture or rubbing – they can be easily and discreetly removed with a special paint for leather AM Coatings.

How to protect your car’s interior

Another question – this is the spot, which will eventually appear in the car. Sometimes they are so noticeable that it is necessary to change the whole interior – and this is very expensive. If the seating and upholstery – fabric, treat them with a hydrophobic agent – it does not give dirt eats into the structure of the material. For leather interior the most important thing – to avoid drying out, otherwise the appearance of cracks inevitable. A clean scrub or brush can color yourself using the paint for the skin AM Coatings: it is quick, convenient, budget.


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