Giroskutery: a safe and exciting movement

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Giroskutery – an innovative vehicle that runs on the electric motor, which has already managed to catch the fancy of many inhabitants of modern cities and small towns. This device is still quite a lot of names: girobord, mini-Segway, hoverboard. But whatever you call it, it will be a constructive one and the same device that is based on a platform consisting of the spirit of parts connected by a hinged, two wheels, which are located on the same axis, under each of which has its own electric motor. Also it mandatory components are the battery, gyro system, microprocessor, controller, liquid accelerometer. Some models can be equipped with LED headlights, handle.


Deciding to buy girobod , you get a device is extremely easy to manage. Its principle of operation is similar enough to the fact how the vestibular system of human. Innovative Dynamic Balancing responds to the slightest changes in the human body tilt angle adjusting position of the platform and allowing to keep the balance, both in static conditions and during movement. Now that you understand what a hoverboard. Most likely, you have already felt an urge to buy this vehicle. It remains only to make sure it is safe and in good conscience click here – to choose and buy a mini-Segway, price, functionality and quality which will fit for you perfectly.


Security systems, or why you should buy a hoverboard

The developers of this unique vehicle taken care not only about the safety of people who decide to buy a hoverboard for the child or for yourself. They also provided a robust system against theft. At a special key fob button, when clicked, will be the inclusion of the lock system. The device will not respond to any commands, not allowing attackers to take advantage of it. But this does not mean that you can leave the mini-Segway unattended.


You are not sure what is girobord buy for a child, fearing that it will exceed the rate and cause self-harm? That did not happen. Passive safety system immediately reacts to the approach speed to the critical point. In this case, a beep sounds and the platform in an automatic manner will be aligned, reducing the speed. As you can see, everything in it is left to chance.

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