Glorious traditions of the Iraqi people

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Here in the photo a 29 -year-old refugee from Iraq on behalf of Jabbar Salman Ammar.He lives in Finland , the other day he was tried for the photos on Facebook.


Jabbar was tried in the district center of Hämeenlinna, Finland, where he now lives. The fact that a man placed in his Facebook page with photos torn or severed human head. As he explained to the defendant, it is the head of the bomber LIH, who blew himself up. And he just picked it up to bury somewhere, afraid that the dog will eat it otherwise. And he noted that in their territories to be photographed with the bodies and heads of opponents is not considered a bad thing to do. Quite the contrary – it demonstrates prowess.
By the way, Jabbar-fighting man. He fought with the LIH in the ranks of the Iraqi militias, but then decided that it was safer to take off in Europe and live on welfare.


Unfortunately for Jabbar,in Finland photos of severed heads not honored . And a refugee has been strictly punished,he slapped 16 months probation.


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