Greenland 2020 movie review

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Greenland is the latest action thriller movie. In this disaster movie, John Garrity is the main character of the movie. The story starts when humanity around the world threatens to be wiped out by an impending catastrophe, John Garrity has four days to save his wife Allison, and son Nathan. While chaos reigns, John must race against time to take his loved ones from New York to a secret military bunker in Greenland.


This is a film that shows one of a kind human feelings and responses to an extinction-level event. Yes, there are different movies that are comparable, but this was a properly-scripted movie with plausible occasions from human beings ranging from selfishness & homicide to absolute care, understanding, and generosity. The movie has a wonderful script. No over-explaining, but anxiety-up-constructing in a good way. The main character of the movie is Gerard Butler and this is another disaster movie and once again proved that he is the best for this type of role. The rest of the cast was also good, Morena Baccarin was also very good and even she was the best part of the whole film. The movie is well-acted, and full of first-rate actors, even inside the smaller roles. This is actually a great movie not stereotyping, it is very beneficial and all in all not simplest a good script, however, also very well made. Download & watch Greenland 2020 afdah movie free online.


For me, this is a solid film with some great suspense, acting, and action sequences. But still, the plot is very similar to other disaster movies so at this point I felt a little disappointed. Other than I would recommend this movie for any disaster movie fan. Overall, this is a very well filmed movie that’s enjoyable in every way, I hope you will enjoy it too.

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