Honest Thief 2020 movie Review

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Honest Thief is an action thriller film. The story of the movie revolves around Tom Carter. He has turned his business as a bank robber into his career. This changes when he meets the love of his life: Annie. She works as a receptionist at the storage facility where Tom has stolen money. They soon fall for each other, but that is not enough for Tom who wants to clear his name. He decides to turn himself in and hand in the money. But then the case is turned over to a corrupt FBI agent. Suddenly Tom’s plan falls apart.

Honest Thief 2020 movie Reviewk

The story of the movie is very interesting. The whole cast of the movie did great work throughout the movie, the cast is as good as this movie requires. The main character of the movie Liam Neeson gives a great performance as the main lead, at least in this movie, in every way he can be the main character in this film. There are a few things that I love about this movie is the visual side is amazing, beautiful sceneries. Overall, this is a perfect action movie and it is beautifully done. It could be much better. Watch Free movie Honest Thief Flixtor without any cost at home.

Honest Thief 2020 movie Review20

Though it is an amazing action movie, that is very entertaining to watch. The story of this film is entertaining, having great characters, overall a great script. The movie has a different script that is spun smoothly and in a very successful script exercise. The actors are great and the photography is well done. The film has everything from the right direction and the script, so Mark Williams, director, and screenwriter have done well. This movie has many action scenes. After a long time, I have watched such a good action film. I really enjoyed watching this movie. Best movie for action movie lovers.

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