Island in the form of heart – Galezhnyak

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Also known as the “island of lovers”, Galešnjak Island (Galezhnyak) is located half a kilometer from the coast Turanj, Croatia. With just 164 meters wide at its widest point, the island in the shape of a heart is a place for day trips by boat to the Valentine’s Day (Valentine’s Day) and gives the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views.


1. Galezhnyak Island is probably the largest and most closely similar to the heart-shaped island in the world, and perhaps the best known, after he became famous on social media in February 2009.


2. Initially, the shape of the island was seen by cartographers of the 19th century, working on a card for Napoleon. It is also interesting that on the island there are three ancient Illyrian burial mounds.


3. Currently, the island is owned by businessman Tonci Zhulesko, who recently took the controversial decision to cut down the forest on the island, thus creating two large spots on the island. For those who always wanted to visit the island, it was, of course, heartbreaking event.


4. But Zhulesko had in mind a plan to make the island even more romantic. One day he heard that Angelina Jolie is considering making a purchase in New York City Island in the form of heart on the day of birth of Brad Pitt worth 16.1 million dollars. Then Zhulesko realized that tourism Galezhnyak island can be very profitable.


5. Then he cut down natural thickets of the island, planted 250 trees and built a chapel. Galezhnyak also plans to rebuild the pier on the island, which has built by his grandfather 80 years ago. Zhulesko says: “I will plant olive trees, and the island is more beautiful than before.”


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