Itinerary weekend in the Vologda region.

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The final part of the story of the journey from the land of Vologda.


Photo 2. Do not have time to look back as he arrived on Sunday, and then it’s time to go home. We got up early to catch the road to see Vologda. Just over an hour domchali Kirillov, parked near the area of the Kremlin and went sightseeing.
Church of Alexander Nevsky – a stone church was built in the second half of the eighteenth century. Dedication of the Church of St. Alexander Nevsky is associated with “miraculous save lives”, “Emperor Alexander II after the assassination attempt against him in 1866:


Photo 3. Company:


Photo 4. The Kremlin Square (Cerro Catedral):


Photo 5. The main attractions of the Vologda Kremlin – Cathedral of Saint Sophia Cathedral Resurrection and St. with a bell tower:


Photo 6. The Bishops courtyard building (Bishop ‘s house) – the residence of the archbishops and bishops of Vologda, the administrative and cultural center of the Vologda diocese c 1560h of the 1920s
At present, the exhibition of the Museum -Booking Vologda State:


7. Photo nice house in the Kremlin:


Photo 8. In the bell tower of St. Sophia Cathedral is an observation deck, where you can climb the stairs to the beautiful:


Photo 9. dizzying panorama offers:


Picture 10. The Church of Alexander Nevsky and the Church of St. John Chrysostom in 1664 built on the other bank of the river Vologda:


Photo 11.


12. Panorama photo Bishops Court. Along with the most famous court in Rostov Veliky bishop, is the original version of the medieval palace ensembles spiritual lords representative:


Photo 13. Well, I’m very happy of this ladder:


Picture 14.


Photo 15. The stunning interior of Saint Sophia Cathedral – the oldest stone buildings in the city, which has reached our days. Erected in 1568 – 1570 years under the orders of Ivan the Terrible. Two centuries later, in a couple of “cold” Sophia it was built “hot” Church of the Resurrection. The cathedral is almost completely fresh and iconostasis of the seventeenth century the first half of the eighteenth century preserved:


Picture 16.


Picture 17.


18. Beautiful trash


19. Photo Vologda luck, the city has a good heritage conservation, rich and original Russian wooden architecture of the city. The city has more than 100 wooden architectural monuments different levels of security:


Picture 20.


Picture 21.


22. House Zasetskaya photos, Vologda old noble family – now the oldest surviving wooden buildings in the city, the monument of wooden architecture. This wooden house one floor with an attic and a porch in the center of Vologda, a classical example of noble architecture of the city:


Picture 23.


Photo 24. Suddenly! Made perfect street – if you take away our cars and the golden Dome of the church in the background, did not realize immediately that is photographed in Russia:


Photo 25. The weather is good and there was absolutely no shorts costume desire, so a visit to the monastery of the Saviour Priluki decided to postpone for another time, but instead of going to Moscow, made a brief stop at the farm and Bryanchaninovs enjoy the main house with outbuildings built in 1810:


Photo 26. This is most likely a stable restored, but under current conditions it would be smart garage: Vologda region Goodbye!


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