Lien Hsien – incredible Chinese grandfather

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An elderly Chinese man made ​​a perfect figure in 10 years of hard training. In’61 Lian Xian looks great and no less beautiful feeling, and force him to come his dream. Chinese grandfather wants to be the oldest participant in the rally in South America. Lian Xian (Liang Xiang ) already a grandfather, but his physical condition may envy of many young men. The ideal form of man made ​​through regular training. Lien Hsien worked in a factory, and decided to start their own business in 1991. Things went uphill and Lien was able to move away from direct affairs. Its time he devoted long trips behind the wheel. Age did not allow him to compete with younger drivers. That was not enough energy, forces, powers of observation, the muscle pain distracted driving. 10 years ago, Lien began attending the gym. He changed his diet now Lian fed seven times a day, but it almost does not eat meat. In 2012, Liang and his son have been involved in the ‘Dakar’. Then they decided to return to this marathon, having achieved first by himself the ideal physical shape. Commitment Lian Xiang won the Chinese media.


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