Why a London cab – the best taxi service in the world

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As it turned out, not everyone knows why London cabs – the best taxis in the world. Well let me tell you. After all, it’s famous yellow taxis in New York, Hong Kong or the beautiful red taxis can not be compared with their London colleagues -. Whether in the maneuverability or the convenience of the passenger
So what they are so good, cabs of London ..?


Most official taxis of the city – the machine is quite peculiar shape. With its rounded shapes they resemble the cars of the prewar era.


The city has specific requirements for the machines, which can serve here as cabs. These rules are quite specific, and exist since 1906. I have them slightly – the biggest change was the reduction in clearance from 10 to 7 inches in 1927. Due to the strict standards of the majority of taxi – cars one manufacturer. This company called London Taxi Company, it has existed under various names since 1899, but at the beginning of the XXI century has bought a piece of Chinese autocompany Geely Auto. This process was completed in 2013, and is now wholly owned by the Chinese LTC.


The latest model of the taxi, manufactured by London Taxi Company called the TX4. They are produced since 2007. According to the specification of the machine can serve kazhestve taxi is not more than 15 years, which means soon the park will be just TX4. Although it has conducted such TX5 development.

These machines are beginning to purchase and for other countries of the world. For example, they are used in Bahrain, Baku, Las Vegas, Singapore and Ottawa. What are they good for?

According to him and did not say, but in the first place, these cabs are incredibly agile. The radius of the turn – only eight and a half meters. It’s even written in the regulatory decrees of the London taxi. The fact that it is a radius at the entrance to the famous Hotel Savoy. It is believed that any London cab must be able to turn around here.


Salon of these machines is incredibly spacious. Here the high ceilings and low floor. On the doors there are numerous pens, so that passengers can stay on the road, landing and exit. On the back seat without a problem in a number of sit three adults.


And if the two of you go, you can generally volyazhno collapse. In kebah plenty of room for legs, as they are specially designed for passengers. This distinguishes them from most other world taxis, which use conventional passenger car (like Ford and Toyota), who give priority to the inhabitants of the front seats.


In the partition between the driver and the interior there are two folding seats, which can comfortably accommodate two passengers more. Total fit five people in the salon. (I’ve heard that taxi drivers do not take passengers on the front seat.)


To go back to the direction of unusual, but no discomfort from it is not.


In London, as in other cities of the world is gaining popularity Uber. Moreover, in contrast to New York, to ride on it in the capital of England is much cheaper than a taxi. But Uber you never get such a comfortable car, you sit in the back seat of a recent immigrants. Cabs – this is a business class in moving around the city.

Generally taxi drivers – special guild. In order to become a taxi driver in London, it is necessary to take a special examination on the city streets. Do not forget that the London streets confusing, because their network has evolved over the centuries! Compared with her, smooth road grid in New York – just a kindergarten. Drivers sometimes years preparing for the exam taxi driver getting called The Knowledge, or “knowledge”. As a result, a huge part of London taxi drivers – the indigenous inhabitants of the city, or at least “real” English, because we can not sit behind the wheel of a taxi a month after his arrival in the country.


Londoners call their taxi “black kebami” ( “black cabs”). This nickname has gone even since the XIX century, when cabs were carriages, coachmen and drivers (remember, these Sherlock Holmes liked to ride on his own business.) In spite of the black in the old name, the car can be any color. Sometimes they kleyut bright advertising.


Today ride through London more than 20,000 of the best taxis in the world, with the most polite and careful drivers. I strongly advise you to catch one of them, if you’ll be there. The main thing is not to take a taxi to the airport, it will be fantastically expensive. And the center can be reached within 10 – 20 pounds. Many of them take credit cards, but not all, so ask in advance.

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