I was lucky – I work in an office, but where to dine?

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I was lucky – I work in an office, but where to dine?

Restaurant prices are rising, profits are falling.

According to information received from the president of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers Igor Bukharov in restaurants and cafes of the capital increase in prices in January 2016 amounted to 25 to 30% compared with the corresponding data for 2015.

However, since 2014, in many offices there are a return to the “envelope” payments, widespread delay of salaries, lack of indexation, which is why the average office employee only for inflation lost up to 30% of revenues for the last 3 years.


Where to dine in a restaurant if you do not?

In connection with the above facts employees forced to change the usual lunch place.

Charted a drop in class restaurants, leaving the visitors in cafes and fast food.

The most widely used different types of food deliveries.

However, the company focused on the mass audience, were not ready for the high demands of the office segment, than the often disappointing consumers.


Food delivery to office.

1. Catering Services – Delivery of ready meals, often offers prepared meals in advance, so it is not surprising to meet or wilted cucumber is extremely tough meat.

2. Pizza Delivery – in recent years the quality of the pizza has declined markedly, due to access to the market of a large number of low-grade producers and appreciation of the products.

3. Ossetian pies – very popular among the average citizen enjoys shipping Ossetian pies. However, sour taste, it is difficult to classified stuffing and sloppy, not always clearly speaking in Russian, couriers rather repel accustomed to the restaurant and food service office employees.


What to do?

In the data difficult, conditions were able to gain a foothold without loss of quality, only small enterprises offering innovative solutions.

For example, a bakery for baking pies “piping hot» – pirogi499.ru, showing stable growth. Positioning itself as the first Russian etnopekarnya, she made a name in the production of cakes for exclusive vip-segment.

Formulation Russian pies delivered to the royal table ensures the richness of taste and toppings. Long-term partnerships with the special domestic farms not only provide environmentally friendly products, but also to avoid price spikes. Years of service provided and demanding customers have perfected service.

Currently, among the regular customers etnopekarni offices of Gazprom, Lukoil, Sberbank, Rosneft, Russian Railways and many others.

Despite the relatively low price, order cakes “piping hot” in some circles, it is fashionable and prestigious.

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