Mutilated plastics mother and daughter become stars of the TV show

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Residents of the UK,39 -year-old Georgina Clark and her 21 -year-old daughter Kyle underwent numerous plastic surgery in order to be like his idol,Katie Price.Well, they may be filled with a desire to become famous – mother and daughter were invited to take part in a new TV show called ” My mom prettier than me ” where they reveal the real extent of competition between them.


Georgina allowed her daughter to quit school at age 17 and go to work as a stripper to earn on operations for both of them .Overall, they spent about 60 thousand pounds ( 80 thousand dollars),who went on to breast implants , lip augmentation , rhinoplasty , botox injections and other procedures.As a result, women are just mutilated himself-but they themselves do not think so . Moreover, the 20 -year-old Kyle has also received money from the 50 -year-old rich,”Papic”-and her mother did not mind .

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