Review of Wrath of man Movie

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Wrath of Man is an action, thriller movie released in the United States on 7 May 2021. It is based on the movie Cash Truck (2004). Wrath of man movie is one of the best directed and most surprising movies by Guy Ritchie. The star personality Jason Statham is the lead actor in the film. He played Patrick “H” Hill where his coworkers at Fortico armored car company in Los Angeles call him “H”. He is not focused on his work. He seems to be a relaxing guy who passes the driving tests very barely. But somehow his supervisor Bullet hires him. He began with a good start with his colleagues. During a drop on a day, Bullet is taken hostage by some kidnappers who asked for $2 million in their truck.


The kidnappers were handled by H and Dave who showed the qualities of an expert marksman. Then the truck of H met with a later attack. His truck gets filled with tear gas and in response, he has to step out of that. The robbers move back when they see him. H sleeps with his coworker Dana Curtis later on and points the gun towards her to question her about a private cash stash found by him. Dana informs that she stole money from a liquor store once just for retirement savings. In her response, H warns and leaves her telling one thing that if he comes to know anything else then she will be facing more problems. Dave, Dana, and the remaining guards are killed by Bullet and he also shoots H in the next plot.


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