How to make pita bread in the tandoor

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[RU] Outside Akirtava, near Sukhumi spring, very strong smell of fresh pastries. For ordinary house apartments on the ground floor which had a small bakery, and then people come to buy fresh pita bread. Unlike a factory or a loaf of bread bricks, baked pita bread constantly, from morning till evening, in small portions: so that everyone had enough and do not have time to cool.

In bread making, it is no wonder centuries reconciled or secret technology. But I could not deny myself the pleasure of being invited to look at the process of the birth of national Caucasian bread.


1. – Hello! So that it can be? Shoot, how to make pita bread?
– Of course you can, come on .

No unnecessary questions, Nyack pinch of evil, Abkhazia hospitality begins from the first seconds of acquaintance. The home team will ask the bakery, where I’ll be there somewhere to upload photos, but that’s when we drink coffee.


2. based appetizing ordinary flour bun: from the same housewives bake pancakes. But this secret is where the bread is.


3. Therefore, taking 700 grams of flour.


4. Form Lepim mass resembling a large round bread or cake.


5. Then place the bun on a round wooden plate, and suddenly clings to a wall of the hot stove embedded in the ground.


6. As homeless large stove, similar to the well? After that it will not …


7. koloboks easily cling to the interior walls, and most of them can be for some time to forget. covered stove, and four minutes …


8. Pita ready. Spin off its hands, but did not eliminate work – hot. We have to take two sticks, the tip of a spear, and remember another rake.


9. Rake stick to the bread, not to fall, roll itself skewered on a spear – all of it is generally possible to eat


The process is simple, as you can see. But I hope it was interesting, and most importantly – delicious!

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