How to sell a car: Tips professionals

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How to sell a car

Today we consider professional advice and all the nuances of how to sell a car and get him the maximum price to sell credit or broken cars.

We decided to sell the car, but do not know how to do it correctly? You are not alone, many owners of machines have difficulty in selling them.

There are two ways of auto sales:

Through an intermediary.
Catching up on sale of the machine yourself, you will get the maximum price for it, but spend their time. When the sale through an intermediary – in the 10-15% less, but without the effort and expense. What to choose? If you do not have time or desire to engage in the sale and meet with buyers, just send the car or intermediary companies. If money is important to you, then sell on their own.


Where to begin? Professional advice.

the car should be put in order. The owner is always aware of the problems of his car. If she has some small flaws, then eliminate them. The machine should make a good impression:

1. quickly wind up,
2. not “puff”
3. keep quiet,
4. not knock.

Resolve any problems chassis, visit a car wash, washing off the body, interior and engine. It is better to invest in a car 5-10 thousand to bring it up to the light than the show car with disabilities. The buyer is bound to ask to make a reasonable offer. Buy new covers on seats, do not forget the flavors, grate plate – like some simple surgery increases the chances of a quick sale at 20-25%.

Further, it is desirable to fix the car mileage. There are situations when replaced the dashboard, the speedometer was not working, and his testimony is too small, or you simply want to reduce the mileage of your vehicle prior to sale. If you have no car carburetor era, the quality of run adjustment should be performed by professionals, most do not do it, if there is no equipment and knowledge. Specialists perform the work so that it will not even notice the specialized service.

The car is powered in order? It’s time to advertise the sale. We recommend you to buy a separate SIM card and specify in the announcement it was her. Otherwise, you just will not give rest: customers would call in the morning, in the evening, at night, during meetings and business meetings, even six months after the sale of the car. Private “Sim” will filter the flow of calls, and when the car “leave”, you just throw it away.

Then proceed as follows:

1. Take a picture of the car. Photographs should be of high quality. No need to take the car in the shadows from a distance of 30 cm from the camera to the ancient mobile phone. These photos just scare off potential customers. If you do not have a good camera, then ask them to colleagues or friends, for sure he’s someone there. Take a picture of cars from multiple angles, remove the interior and the engine compartment. If the body has some defects, it also remove them.

2. Write your ad. Shall describe information about the car as detailed as possible, this will show that you are the real owner, and not the middleman. Tell us about the use of the machine, enter the fuel consumption, mileage, model year. If you are served by the dealer, be sure to inform customers, it will give you additional advantages.

3. Serve ads on related sites, specifying the number of purchased SIM cards. Such sites are so many, you can easily find them on request “how to sell cars” into a search engine.

4. Appointments. You start ringing almost immediately after application. To negotiate with people at a convenient time, be sure to talk on the phone with them before leaving and specify whether they will come really. When the contact with the customers tell me how the car was operated, show checks and the service book stamped. Tune in to what you have to spend more than one meeting. No need to be imposed on the purchaser or on the contrary to curry favor with him. Call a specific price, and do not rush her to slow down.

5 Sale. So, the client is, he is ready to make a purchase. Be careful and prudent, do not rush to give him the keys so long until you get the money in hand. Make sure that the buyer has the required amount on hand. You will then need to go with him to the nearest traffic police department and to remove the car from the register. Then you can go to the notary, to assure a contract of sale, to get money and to transfer the documents to the new owner.


How to sell a car loan

In your contract with the bank, most likely, established a ban on the implementation of the car, because it is collateral. But there is quite a legal scheme to address this issue.

Together with the customer, you go to a notary public, which open on his general power of attorney. Then you get the money on hand, which go to the bank to repay the outstanding loan and the closure of the existing contract. Be sure to take a certificate from the cashier that the contract is closed. This kind of insurance in case of a bank error. After this procedure, the bank removes the ban on the sale of the car, and now you can go to the traffic police to re-register.

For some reason, the bank may lift the ban on the realization of collateral is not immediately, but after a few days. Therefore, your buyer must be prepared for such a development situation. Usually this problem is solved as follows:

1. when you make gendoverennosti client sends you half the money (or the amount necessary to repay the loan). A power of attorney allows him to drive the car, but it can be revoked at any time.

2. After the renewal of the traffic police, he gives you the second part of the amount, and the transaction is completed.


How to sell broken car

If there was a nuisance, and your car is involved in an accident, it can also be sold. First you need to determine how much it hurt. If the damage is superficial (broken lamp, burst bumper indentation or wing), it is easier and cheaper to restore the machine. If the damage is severe (violation of the geometry, runaway engine and so on.), The best cars sold for parts or the whole hand over dealers.

Many drivers have reduced car after a serious accident, and sell them as “not broken and not painted.” We do not recommend this.

Firstly, you are cheating the new owner.

Secondly, if there was a change of geometry, the vehicle becomes a deadly trap when the next accident. Designers create machines so that in case of an accident body “formed” by certain vectors, without causing damage to the driver and passengers. If you change the geometry it develops randomly and often grasps people. If you have restored the car after a serious accident, make sure you inform the buyer about this – your conscience will be clear.

If you do not have time and desire to repair the car yourself, you can just pass it to the company for “buy-back cars.” There are professionals who will appreciate the on-site damage and offer a certain amount for your car. Of course, it will be small, but you will get it immediately and without any red tape.


How to sell a car for parts entirely

Another version of car sales – for parts. Often, this option is more profitable than just pass it to the company for “buy-back cars”, but more extended in time. Sell ​​spare parts can be independently on specialized and thematic forums, or driving off the vehicle for parts.

In the first case, you will earn more, but you’ll need a place to store spare parts (all of you are unlikely to sell).

The second option is suitable for those who do not want to waste your time. Just hand over the car in the disassembly and get money for it.

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