Social media – as a useful marketing tool for artists

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What is art? Well, if Edgar Degas was right and the arts “- this is not what you see,” and “what makes others look” that art can be anything. However, what if the art of today – this is not quite what you expected to see? What if the vision is connected with social networks? This kind of problem becomes noticeable, as quite different and sometimes surprising visual material appears more in social media sites.


When in 2010 was launched by the Instagram, it was a social network where users can share their personal photos. Since Instagram has grown and has become a platform where companies, public authorities and even artists can showcase their work.


Indeed, with 500 million monthly active users, the Instagram is now one of the largest sites in the world, which means that there publishing his work a person has a lot of potential to be seen. For budding artists this audience – is not only a great way to attract followers and fans, but in fact the ability to generate some income.


Analyzing the recent interaction between artists and social media, it found that 38% of new collectors are influenced by sites such as Instagram. And the profile of the contemporary artist Maxwell Rushton just is the clearest proof of the art online trading in 2016. After Maxwell Rushton works have been featured in these networks work Rushton already attracted more than 30 million. Visits and not all of them are convinced of art lovers. In fact, Rushton won fans in unlikely places – UniLad in this case. Funny site currently has more than 17 million followers, therefore, when the hosts asked if they can show and work REGISTERED Maxwell Rushton, he naturally agreed.


Of course, in order to maintain a certain level of order and decency sites and exhibited works, the Instagram checks the contents, display the registered users. However, when it comes to art, then there should be no verification process. Therefore it is important to remember that social media platforms are not completely open areas where they can thrive true artistic expression. Indeed, while Rushton uses Instagram as a shop window, it is worth remembering that this showcase can give viewers the opportunity to look into your creative side.

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