Steamboat Nomadic: contemporary of the Titanic

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Commissioned in 1910 by the well-known shipbuilding company “White Star Line” built the “Titanic”, a small steamer “Nomadic” was designed by Thomas Andrews (designer and Titanic) and built by Harland and Wolff (builders of the Titanic and Olympic) shipyard in Belfast (factory yard number 422 – the same, on which to build, and Titanic and Marseille). In contrast, the larger and more famous ships, steamer “Nomadic” was built on the tender, however, it is still afloat.


1. This cozy ship was officially built in 1911 and was commissioned in Cherbourg, France. He was carrying passengers, baggage, mail and supplies from the harbor town on the massive ocean liners, standing in the roads at anchor offshore. Steamer “Nomadic” has a size of one-quarter of the size of the Titanic and could at one time boast many luxurious amenities and furnishings like the famous first-class liners. He was carrying on board for 247 passengers from Cherbourg Harbour on the Titanic during its fateful first and last voyage, including Benjamin Guggenheim and John Jacob Astor and Margaret Brown.


2. Despite the fact that the ships of the same age, constructed by him in the same shipyard, has long been lost or sunk, “Nomadic” continued his long and eventful career working 57 years as a Tender, interspersing this work from active service as a patrol vessel, worked as troop transport and a minesweeper during the First and second world wars.


3. Once in 1968 he was taken out of service, for several decades, “Nomadic” was used as a recreational center on the banks of the Seine in Paris. Once the center of the owner went bankrupt in 2002, “Nomadic” was abandoned in Le Havre, while the government of Northern Ireland did not buy a ship to rescue him from dismantling and disassembling for scrap.


4. These days, “Nomadic” excellently performs in his latest role as a historical exhibition in dry dock Hamilton. “Nomadic” found their final resting place here after a brilliant career that lasted more than a century, and in fact, now occupies the same pier, where it is believed he was originally installed. For several years, since 2010, “Nomadic” carefully restored and it sets various historical exhibits. Finally it was opened for tours in 2013. Now, visitors can walk in the footsteps of Titanic passengers visiting this wonderful boat.
















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