Submissive female robot from China

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At Jia Jia,”a robot-goddess”,long dark hair and a cute pink cheeks,just like a real person.Android also features the ability to deep learning, natural eye movement, speech that is synchronized with the movement of his lips, bowed his head respectfully and artificial intelligence. Oh, and their creators robot woman calls it as “my lord.” Amazingly realistic cyborg is the brainchild of Chen Xiaoping (Chen Xiaoping) and his colleagues from the Chinese University of Science and Technology, who presented the “goddess of the robot”, the result of its three-year . work in the city of Hefei During the demonstration, Chen Xiaoping shook hands with the robot, and Jia Jia said immediately:”Yes,my lord, how can I help?”she also asked the participants not to get too close to take photographs as her face at the same time it will look too full.


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