The kissing booth 2 Review

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This is a sequel to the kissing booth. After the success of the first film, we all had high expectations for this highly anticipated sequel.


Among the strengths of this sequel is certainly the maturity and the deeper topics that are covered in the two and a quarter hour of film. Although it is a light film, there are important topics such as the difficulty of living a long-distance relationship, the trust, the exploration of one’s feelings, the fragility of relationships, and much, much more.


After the success of The Kissing Booth, it was almost logical to expect a second chapter that would continue Elle’s adventures and her relationship with Noah, with which she had been in love since she was a child. Too bad that this sequel was not able to meet the expectations of the public and also the sort of lightness that had characterized the first chapter, which was a real gem. First of all, the duration of the film is really excessive to force the viewer to watch the inversion of the couples of the series. Watch free movie The Kissing Booth 2 2020 movieninja online in hd quality.

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On the one hand, there is a great lack of the character of Noah, the acting felt more authentic and less cheesy in this sequel. Unfortunately, this love story does not work: the addition of the third character brought on the scene to bring a bit of drama and upheaval in the main couple, in reality, it does not help much because the main couple almost does not exist.

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