The largest diamonds in the world

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Diamonds have inspired people since ancient times. They are very popular and are a symbol of anniversaries,weddings and celebrations,as well as symbolize eternal love . Below is a list of the ten largest diamonds in the world.


Dzhonker – 726 carat ( 145.2 years)


Jonker-largest diamond found Jacob Jonker January 17, 1934 at the mine in South Africa, near the city of Pretoria.Discovered diamond weighed 726 carats at the time was considered the fourth largest rough diamonds in the world. It was found 5 km from the Cullinan diamond.There is speculation that Jonker could be a part of it , because the crystals have chips that are perfect match.From Jonker diamond produced 12 diamonds , the largest of which has a weight of 142.9 carats.

President Vargas – 726.6 carats ( 145.32 )


President Vargas – diamond , discovered August 13, 1938 near the river Santo Antonio in the Coromandel District , Minas Gerais , Brazil . In 1939 it has been estimated at 600 thousand dollars. From it was produced 29 diamonds , the largest of which has a weight of 48.26 carats. The diamond is named after the then Brazilian President Getúlio Vargas .

Golden Anniversary (Golden Jubilee) – 755,5 carats ( 151.1 g )

Golden Jubilee-a large yellow- brown diamond found in South Africa’s Premier Mine in the coal mine in 1985.After he cut turned out incredible beauty of the eponymous diamond weighing 545.67 carats ( 109.13 g), which is currently owned by the royal family of Thailand and is stored in the Bangkok Royal Museum . The diamond is estimated at US $ 4-12 million.

River Uoye (Woyie River) – 770 carat (154 years)

In the seventh place in the list of the world ‘s largest diamond is “River Uoye” or “Diamond Victory” – a diamond,discovered January 6, 1945 at Uoye river,near the town of Sefadu,Sierra Leone.I had a rhombus shape size of 71 × 53 × 32 mm.It produced 30 diamonds weighing 282.36 carats,the largest of which has a weight of 31.35 carats.

Millennium Star (Millennium Star) – 777 carats (155.4 g)


Millennium Star-colorless diamond,discovered in the early 1990s in a valley near the town of De Beers Mbuji Mayi in the Democratic Republic of Congo.It has been processed with laser.After that there was a unique , pear-shaped diamond De Beers Millennium Star weighing 203.04 carats.Harry Frederick Oppenheimer,chief fisheries diamond,described it as “the most beautiful diamond that could see the world.”

Nesravnennbiy Almaz (The Incomparable Diamond) – 890 carat (178 years)


Fifth place in the ranking of the world’s largest diamond takes”Incomparable”a large diamond, accidentally discovered in 1980 in the Republic of Congo. He found a girl who was playing in a pile of rubble in the backyard of his uncle.This diamond was able to create a beautiful yellow-brown diamond weighing 407.48 carats.

Zvezda Sierra Leone – 968.9 carats ( 193.78 g )


Star of Sierra Leone – the diamond, discovered February 14, 1972 in one of the alluvial mines near the town of Sefadu, Sierra Leone. It was purchased for $ 2.5 million jeweler from New York, Harry Winston. Rare stone feature is its ideal chemical purity, which is present in less than 1% of all diamonds. Due to the internal defect gem has been divided into 17 smaller diamonds, 13 of which have received the degree of “perfect.” After separation, the largest of the stones became pear-shaped diamond weighing 53.96 carats (10.79 g). Six of the obtained diamonds were later framed in a brooch “Star of Sierra Leone”.

Ekselsior – 995.20 ( 199,04 d )


Honorable third place in the ranking of the world’s largest diamond goes to”Excelsior”an excellent blue- white diamond found June 30, 1893 at the mine “Jagersfontein” 130 kilometers south- east of the city of Kimberley,South Africa. Until 1905 was the largest diamond in the world.From it produced 21 diamond,the largest of which weighs 69.8 carats.

Kullinan – 3106.75 carats ( 621.35 )


Cullinan – the most famous diamond in the world, the size of 100h65h50 mm. He was found by accident January 25, 1905 in South Africa Premier Mine Mine, 40 km to the east of Pretoria, Gauteng Province. Named after Thomas Cullinan mine owner. Over his cut works best European lapidary Joseph Ascher. However, due to defects present in the diamond large therefrom 9 and 96 small diamonds of various sizes were produced. The biggest of them weighing 530.2 carats called “Cullinan I or Great Star of Africa.” This diamond is one of the most expensive diamonds in the world.

Sergio (black diamond) – 3167 carats ( 633.4 g )


Sergio – the largest black diamond, as well as the largest rough diamond ever found in the world. It was discovered in 1895 in the state of Bahia in Brazil.It is assumed that,like other black diamonds,the precious stone meteorite origin

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