The most highly paid athletes veterans

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American Forbes released the rating of the richest athletes who completed his career.It consists mainly of the stars of basketball,golf,soccer and American football . The leader of the list of Michael Jordan this year has increased its revenues by $ 30 million compared with the previous year.Revenues footballer David Beckham,occupying second place-$65 million That’s 10 highest-paid sportsmen-veterans.


Michael Jordan

Sports : Basketball
Revenue : $ 110 million
Graduated career : 2003
Sales under the Jordan brand Nike brand rose last year by 14% and brought basketball legend $ 100 million.In addition,Jordan has extended contracts with Hanes,Gatorade,Five Star Fragrances and Upper Deck. Sporstmen condition is estimated at $ 1.1 billion.

David Beckham

Sport: Football
Revenue : $ 65 million
Graduated career : 2013
Brenda”Beckham”nothing threatening in the next five years – the athlete has signed a contract with the British brand Kent & Curwen clothes that will bring him $ 8 million in annual revenues and royalties when the collection is started in the second half of 2016 . Chinese firm Luneng estate has also signed a contract with Beckham at $ 5 million.

Arnold Palmer

Revenue :$ 40 million
Graduated career:2006
Health Palmer has deteriorated over the past year and it has become traditional to miss his first shot Golf Championship in 2016.But Palmer was still welcome in Asia , employing 500 brand shops with his name.The same name Beverage sostoyalyaet line about a quarter of revenue Arizona Beverage Company.In addition,Palmer has more than 40 years the hotel Bay Hill in Orlando ( Florida, USA ).

Junior Bridgeman


Sports : Basketball
Revenue : $ 32 million
Graduated career : 1987
Bridgeman played in the NBA for 12 years,being the most productive player in the team,”Milwaukee Bucks”.Successful not only in business,he founded Bridgeman Foods company and turned it into an empire that owns Wendy’s franchise food outlets,Chili’s and Fazoli’s.Last year they added a network of pizzerias Blaze pizza.

Jerry Richardson


Sport: Football
Revenue : $ 30 million
Graduated career : 1960
Richardson spent two seasons in the National Football League,and having gone to a pension,became interested in the restaurant business.In addition,in 1993 he bought the franchise team,”Carolina Panthers”.

Jack Nicklaus


Sports: Golf
Revenue : $ 26 million
Graduated career : 2005
Nicklaus retired from the sport,and opened a golf school. Today they are in 41 countries.In the near future will open two restaurants Golden Bear Grills. Nicklaus partner Delaware North says that in the next five years,the network will grow to 10 restaurants. In addition,Nicklaus actively involved in charity work-admission to his Foundation for Children have grown to $ 50 million .

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