Top 10 best selling cars in the UK

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As is well known in the Russian people love big and powerful SUVs. And what the people prefer cars of old Europe, for example, one of the most traditional and peaceful countries like the UK. Today we look at the latest list of most cars sold in the UK. So what cars to rise, who in the first place?


1: Ford Fiesta – 76,370

Fiesta was very popular in Britain last decade and shows no signs of change. His sales figures are far ahead of his nearest rival, although it is not the cheapest option in the segment. The sales figures are good enough.


2: Opel Corsa – 50,355

Corsican another sergeant in the eternal rivals of small cars in the UK. The latest generation of these cars came in 2014 and offers a 1.4-liter gasoline engine.


3: Ford Focus – 46 145

The focus is still very attractive and harmonious car with a wide range of options. It looks good, it has a reliable, fuel-efficient engine and a good command of the road.


4: Volkswagen Golf – 43951

A short distance behind the Focus in the rating is “Volkswagen” Golf, another classic car, which attracts legions of diehard fans. By some estimates it could be called the best hatchback in the world.


5: Nissan Qashqai – 39,674

The combination of a hatchback and an SUV pretensions size proved to be very attractive to customers, and this is now the best-selling crossover in England, which leaves behind a trail of copycats. the second-generation model, launched in 2014, continued dynamic economic tradition of Nissan. No wonder he kept the sales charts.


6: Opel Astra – 35276

Astra, released in 2015, it’s a decent car in its own class. Well-equipped with a fuel-efficient engine, he got good feedback. In general, however, it deserves to be considered one of the best compact hatchbacks, which can be bought.


7: Volkswagen Polo – 33877

Car Volkswagen offers a little more elegance and refinement than the Fiesta and Corsa, though at a higher price. The car has a more mature and conservative-minded.


8: Flat – 27 713

The release of the third-generation Mini “new” in 2014 raised to the level of these cars are hatchback and now they are on the list of the top 10 best-selling cars in the UK.


9: Opel Mokka – 27,545

Maybe this car is named after a type of coffee, but it has not reduced the demand for a single version of the Opel crossover / SUV.


10: Mercedes-Benz S class of – 26 391

It is unusual for a premium car, so they let cars S-class. Looking like a miniature Mercedes-Benz S-Class can be said, however, that the small size does not hurt the newest version, which was released in 2014.

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