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On our planet, there is variously estimated 1.5-2 million species of animals. Some of them are friendly and attractive to most people. However, there are those who say the contrary – disgusting. It is about them and will be discussed. Below are the ugliest animals of our planet. 10. Nosach Nosach – species of primates living on the island of Borneo in the coastal mangrove and rain forests along rivers and estuaries. Due to the characteristic large, pear-shaped nose, which have only males is a list of the most unusual species of monkeys on the planet. The old male nose can reach a length of up to 10 cm. Nosach good swim and dive, they often jump from the trees in the water. Among the primates are considered the best swimmers. They live in groups of 5 to 30 animals (one male and many females). Eat mostly fruits and leaves, less insects and seeds. Is an endangered species. 9. Warthog Warthog – a sort of wild cloven-hoofed animals from the family pig, common in much of Africa. That night social animals that live in small herds (usually from 4 to 16 animals) in forests, steppes and coastal thickets. They are omnivorous, but feed mainly on tree bark, roots and berries.


Body length warthog reaches up to 1.5 m height at the withers – 65 cm, the weight of females – 70 kg, males – up to 100 kg. Fangs adult males grow to a length of 25.5 to 63.5 cm. 8. The naked mole rat Naked mole rat – a small rodent species, living in the desert areas of East Africa (Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti). These rodents live influenza (between 20 and 300 animals) in large underground colonies, almost never come to the surface. They feed on large tubers and roots, which are stored in underground storerooms. Typically, they grow up to 10 cm long, and weigh up to 35 grams, female larger. It is one of the most long-living rodent in the world (up to 28 years). Naked mole rats have a very unusual set of features that enable them to thrive in the harsh underground conditions; They are cold-blooded, insensitive to some forms of pain, hardy to high CO2 concentrations, have a very low metabolic rate and respiratory rate. 7. California condor California condor – a very rare species of birds found in the mountains of California, Arizona, on the north, in the south of Utah, as well as in the north-western Mexico. It is the largest bird in North America. Wingspan California condor reaches three meters, body length of up to 125 cm, weight 14 kg.


They feed exclusively on carrion. In the air, capable of speeds up to 90 km / h. They are among the most long-lived birds in the world (up to 60 years). As of May 2012, there are about 405 individuals in the world, including 226 in the wild. 6. Star-nosed mole star-nosed mole – a mammal of the family of mole, widespread in eastern North America (Canada and the north-eastern part of the United States). A distinctive feature is their twenty-two red skin appendage, which uses animals as organ of touch. Star-nosed mole live in small groups in the moist soil near water bodies. They are good swimmers and divers. They feed mainly on invertebrates, insects and their larvae, crustaceans and sometimes small fish. Their body length of 10-13 cm, weight 40-85 g. 5. Ay-ay In fifth place in the list of the ugliest animals of our planet is located Ai-ai or Madagascar rukonozhka – kind of primate found in tropical forests only on the island of Madagascar. Conducts nocturnal, and is the largest nocturnal primate representative. Animal than 1 m length (including the tail 44-53 cm), weight – 3 kg.


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