The Upcoming Doctor Strange Movie 2016 – Will This Movie Become an Epic Superhero Movie?

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doctor-strange movie

Doctor Strange is the upcoming Marvel superhero movie that will be released at the end of 2016. This latest movie tells about the story of Stephen Strange, the best neurosurgeon in the world who meets The Ancient One after having a car accident. From this meeting, he learned a lot of things about mystic arts, making him the new superhero: Doctor Strange. This is where his story will be told, just like Ant-Man or Deadpool, and Doctor Strange will become a new Marvel superhero to be included in the ever growing Marvel cinematic universe.

The question remains whether this movie will become an epic superhero movie just like the other Marvel superhero movies. Doctor Strange has been known for a long time, but not in the movie. In Marvel cinematic universe, he will become a new superhero that has the possibility to be included in the next Avengers movies or other Marvel movies. However, as we see that the main protagonist is portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch, we know that there is hope of making this movie an end-year hit for Marvel.

As we can take a look at the first teaser trailer of Doctor Strange, we can see that the movie is going to be full of beautiful visual effects. The mystic arts released by Doctor Strange have such a beautiful visuals that are very interesting to look at. This movie will be stimulating to watch, and offer various kinds of surprises.

Moreover, we know that this movie will follow the story of Doctor Strange as told in the Marvel comics, so you can really see what you can expect from the action movie. You will know what kind of mystic arts and spells that Doctor Strange can cast to defeat the supernatural forces that try to destroy the Earth. Regarding the storyline, you can more or less learn from the already released comics from Marvel about Doctor Strange.

However, the implementation of the various effects and visual graphics in the movie is what we are looking for. Will there be a good implementation for the various abilities of this new superhero? Or, will the movie become bland and boring, as it can’t really deliver what the fans are expecting from this title? We can get the answer once the movie starts playing in cinemas November 4 of this year. Will you be mesmerized by this movie, just like you were mesmerized by Deadpool? We will see.

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