Upcoming Marvel Movies 2019

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If you are someone who loves the superhero movies, then you need to fasten your seat belt because the ever interlocking universe of superhero characters is getting more intricate as the filmmakers experiment with various ideas. Here are some of the upcoming Afdah Marvel movies that you should watch.

Captain Marvel:

Brie Larson will act as the protagonist in Captain Marvel. She will be the first woman to bring her movie into marvel movie universe. The story is about a pilot who can shoot beams. The movie setting resembles the movie Agent Consul that was released in the 1990s. It is expected that Brie might be part of infinity war sequel of Avengers team.

Avengers 4:

The fourth Avenger movie of the sequel avenger will be released in 2019. However, it is yet unnamed but you could call it avenger-4. The movie is about letting the Avengers figure out what to do when Thanos got all the six infinity stones that would empower him to destroy the universe.

The stone might remind you of other movies like Doctor Strange, but here, he has got all the six stones and the Avengers team must act quickly. This time around it can be a beautiful game of war and section. However, you can expect some new stars coming in as the contracts of some of the stars have been expired.

Dark Phoenix:

Sophie Turner will play the role of an invincible mutant of X-men as Jean Grey. Now, this is a transition from a superhero character to a villainous character. This is an intriguing series of sequences and subplots but you are certainly going to enjoy as Jean fights the dark forces within her own mind.


The thief in the movie will have the power of transforming every intimate object into powerful explosives. For instance, he can turn plying cad into explosives. The director Tatum says that he wants to give the character flair of originality. Now, this is a risk because it will be an experiment but the risk is worth taking because the Marvel universe is getting way too outlandish. Perhaps, a touch of originality might just do the magic.

Black Panther-2:

You do not need much explanation for this movie. The second sequel will be realized and it is likely that the director of the previous movie will direct the movie. All you need to do is to wait and see how the movie unfolds but surely it will be an entertainment as was the first one was.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3:

This is one of the controversial topics as far as the production of the movie is concerned because Disney is not in the mood to rehire director James Gunn as he postponed the shooting of the movie. However, they have somehow managed to convince the cast to get back to work. You will have to wait and see how the new director will unfold the story.

The above mentioned are the few upcoming marvel 123netflix movies that you should eagerly wait. And time will tell the story of the movie.

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